Palmetto Bay’s Missing Litigation

by SDM

As SDM obsessess (admittedly) over the Palmer lawsuit –  a matter that has dragged on since 2006 –  it may be easy to overlook the fact that the Village has another serious legal matter pending.

Readers may recall that Mayor Stanczyk shut down charter school applicant Shores at Palmetto Bay on December 12, 2011. Well, Palmetto Bay’s temperamental mayor brought the village a new lawsuit:  Shores at Palmetto Bay, LLC v. Village of Palmetto Bay.

In addition to wondering why this mayor attracts lawsuits like dust to a windowsill, SDM wonders why this issue is flying under the radar?

SDM also wonders:

  • Why isn’t the lawsuit listed on the litigation page?
  • What are the village’s chances of winning or losing this lawsuit?
  • How much will it cost to defend the village’s decision?
  • Have the manager, village attorney and the Shores met to discuss a settlement that will resolve the lawsuit? (If they haven’t, they should be fired.)
  • When will the tax payers be brought into the discussion?

It’s time to come out of the shadows Madame Mayor and let us in on the big secret. The voters have a right to know.

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