SDM Quick Bites: PB June 4 Agenda

by SDM

Village Attorney’s report

Two questions – at least – should be asked to the village attorney based on her report. First, why is there no real updated information regarding the Palmer and Shores lawsuits? This ongoing attitude that the public should be left out of the litigation process is not required under the statute and is just plain wrong.

Second, SDM noted the following interesting nugget in the report:

Staff has received Village Council authorization to draft an ordinance to create the process for implementing the citizen initiative relating to increase of student population at private schools. Item A.5.

Councilwoman Lindsay’s war on Palmer is to be opened on a new front now? Do Palmetto Bay residents agree with her jihad against private schools in our community?

Mayor of Misunderstood

A FOSDM forwarded an email sent from that contained the following message:

The Agenda link will take you to the items under consideration for Monday night. Some items under consideration may be misunderstood. I encourage you to contact me with questions regarding the Agenda before the meeting or to attend the meeting for a more complete understanding of the issues.

Now, this is funny…coming from the Mayor who misunderstood the zoning in progress (ZIP) resolution when she said it did not apply to Palmer? (See Lies, Damn Lies and Politics – Part II.) Attention SDM readers: You’ll be better off checking with SDM for a more complete understanding of the issues.

By the way, does anyone believe the Mayor drafts these emails on her own? The email looks a lot like the village newsletter authored by village staff. Hmmm…

Three Amigos in the Shade

By now, most people know that government business is supposed to be open to the public. Florida law requires that anytime two or more members of a municipal governing body meet to discuss an item that is, or could appear, on a future agenda, the meeting must be noticed and open to the public. This law’s short title is the Government in the Sunshine Act.

An FOSDM alleges that Councilwoman Lindsay and her pet Vice Mayor and Mayor met with a homeowner’s association in Cutler Cove and discussed the moratorium ordinance.

While SDM doubts the three amigos need an actual meeting to coordinate their votes – SDM suspects Pariser and Stanczyk received their marching orders via carrier pigeon to avoid the public records act – the fact that they would even consider meeting “out of the sunshine” speaks volumes about their disdain for the laws they swore to uphold.

SDM Query to the Village Attorney: What effect will this clandestine meeting have on the validity of the moratorium?

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