Weird and Kreepy Update

by SDM

So SDM figured the kerfuffle uncovered by the post PB: Is this weird or creepy? (Updated) was over. But then, on the way out of Publix, SDM spotted the Palmetto Bay News dated August 7-20 and guess what?  The picture, without the weird and creepy close-up, is right there on the front page!

So here’s the update.

Mr. Kress, who all village taxpayers support in the form of paying his salary, is Palmetto Bay’s flack (press agent). His job is to get positive publicity for the village, meaning mostly for Mayor Stanczyk.

Upon reading SDM’s harrumphing in the original post, Mr. Kress commented as follows:

SDM must have missed the stated reason why Village staff requested the names of these brave, civic-minded kids who came out to a public meeting (with TV cameras on every wall) so that they might be witnessed by the world for the amazing statement they are making about Drunk Drivers. As stated on the preceding photo in the Facebook album: “The Palmetto Bay News is considering an article on the roadway co-designation and wishes to obtain the names of students pictured here. Please feel free to contact the Village Communications Manager Bill Kress directly at 305-259-1234.” Thanks for drawing this much-needed attention to our effort at bringing this important story to the newspapers. (Emphasis added by SDM.)

When SDM read this comment a couple weeks ago, the message seemed to be that the Palmetto Bay News had taken a photo and contacted Mr. Kress for some help in identifying the kids so their names would appear below the picture. Instead, it was Kress who was flacking the Palmetto Bay News to publish the picture he took!

(SDM Note: The Palmetto Bay News must not have identified the mysterious humans because no names other than Kress’s appear below the picture.)

SDM, who did not know at the time that Mr. Kress was flacking himself with this picture, was nonplussed by the act of posting what looked like a WANTED poster of some teenagers on the Village’s Facebook page. But Kress was not ready to give up his self-appointed prerogatives and shot back:

Oh come on. They all wore the same shirts to a public rally — to make as big a visual statement as possible. While we look further into this South Dade Matter [SDM Note: See what he did here? Very clever flacking.], here’s an idea, in the spirit of “protecting” the children of our community:

Instill fear and apathy in our youth and their parents by characterizing media coverage as weird and creepy when all they want to do is organize and be seen in a unified block at a political forum wearing similarly colored, highly-visible shirts in support of an important, highly politicized cause in a room full of still and video cameras. (Emphasis and tacky commentary added by SDM.)

Mr. Kress is right: it’s not weird or creepy for real members of the media to take pictures at a rally. What is weird and instills fear – of waste at the very least – is when a village bureaucrat – on the taxpayers’ dime – takes unauthorized pictures of residents’ children for the purpose of advancing the Mayor’s political agenda.

Oh, and it’s Kreepy, too.

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