PB: More Indecorous and Some Just Plain Odd Behavior

by SDM

The Indecorousness of Being Lindsay

If you can believe it, the following is a verbatim transcript of an exchange between Councilwoman Joan Lindsay, former mayoral candidate Peter England, and term-limited Mayor Shelley Stanczyk. Keep in mind that this discussion took place in the middle of the public workshop on Lindsay’s controversial “single-family neighborhood protection” ordinance. (SDM snarky comments follow in bold italic.)

Stanczyk: (50:26) So, while I am not a pot stirrer, I think those who are, should take that responsibility on and wear that cloak. [Where does SDM purchase a pot stirrer’s cloak?] Thank you Mr. England.

England: (50:36) If I may respond Mme. Mayor. [The recall] has never been part of the agenda of the Palmetto Bay Village Voice and I resent that assertion. I know the document of which you speak. It was an idea that was advanced early on and rejected, because as I said then and I will say now, we don’t take positions and we don’t endorse candidates…and we certainly don’t support recall petitions. [And why not Mr. England? Palmetto Bay desperately needs someone to do all of the above. You shouldn’t be intimidated by these people.]

Stanczyk: Thank you Mr. England. [Ever notice the Mayor’s phony courtesy? SDM finds it grating.]

Lindsay: (51:05) Excuse me Mr. England… [One must listen to the tape to hear Lindsay’s dripping sarcasm.] You don’t support a recall petition and yet you attended a meeting on the recall so I don’t know what hat you were wearing that night but it seems to me that you wear many hats and you choose the one to wear that benefits the position you want to take so I…I think that Peter England needs to decide where he stands and not stand before us and tell us something that we know is not true. [Notice how in this exchange Councilwoman Lindsay shifts the pronoun from “I” to “we”? She sounds like a faux Queen of England: “Who is this person who dares tell us something we know is not true?” Lindsay, like the Mayor, maintains quite an exhalted image of herself!]

England: Well, the reason I responded Ms. Lindsay was because there was an attempt to link those two issues – Palmetto Bay Village Voice and the recall petition – together. Yes, I did attend [the recall] meeting. I wanted to find out more about what was going on and I attended that meeting as an individual not as a representative… [SDM Note to Mr. England: You do not owe Lindsay an explanation – this is not the inquisition here…]

(Lindsay interrupts at 52:09) [Nice decorum…can’t these politicians keep their traps shut for even three minutes?]

Lindsay: …and Mr. England, I respect that. You certainly have that right. [Well thank you very much your highness. We are so fortunate to have your blessing. Will you next be granting the right of primae noctis to the noblemen?] There were other people who attended the meeting and were told they didn’t have the right to find out what was going on…so, um, all of this is rather unpleasant. I would also say that each time you come before us and tell us that you are here [as] Peter England speaking on your behalf and not as a member of the village voice you wear the village voice shirt. So, if you were to come here tonight and you weren’t representing the village voice perhaps another shirt would be more appropriate…just a comment. (Laughter and clapping from the back of the hall.)

[How terribly amusing Ms. Lindsay! Your insulting condescension truly elevates the public discourse. You make SDM so proud of our little burgh when your minions cackle and applaud as you degrade what’s left of the council’s dignity. Bravo!]

Stanczyk: I apologize, you do do deserve attention and civility, I apologize. [There she goes again.]

England: Well, do we now have a dress code as well as a respect code…

(Lindsay interrupts.)

Lindsay: No sir. No sir, but it’s a little confusing…

[Let SDM help you understand. Mr. England participates in a non-profit called Palmetto Bay Village Voice just like you participated in the Concerned Citizens of Old Cutler, Inc. (CCOCI). You may recall CCOCI because it intervened in the expensive loser of a lawsuit against Palmer Trinity – the same lawsuit you and CCOCI demanded and whose tab all Palmetto Bay taxpayers are on the hook to pay. Still confused? It will all be crystal clear soon enough.]

Dialog continues below…

The Oddness of Being Shelley

When we last saw our hero Mr. England, he was sparring with the Three Amigos’ brain, also known as Don Quixote de la Lindsay, until another towering intellect decided to join the fray.

England: Excuse me…it was clean when I put it on!

Stanczyk: But it is rather confusing for those of us who see you frequently.

England: That is why I take the time to make the statement…

(Stanczyk interrupts this time.) [What is it that makes Ms. Lindsay and Ms. Stanczyk believe they have the right to interrupt speakers at will?]

Stanczyk: I understand…

England: …at the beginning of my remarks.

Stanczyk: (53:30) I did have one question though. Back before the information…excuse me, am I hearing a voice? [Yes, it’s saying “basta ya!” (enough already) Listen to it.] I apologize. Back before this information was available to us in terms of these notes, [What notes? NPO notes?] I noted that on the attorney’s bill back about two months ago…you had a lengthy conversation, because it actually was billed, on RLUIPA and that was before we had discussed (looking at staff) …yes, Peter England… [Ok, what they hell does this question have to do with the public hearing? Anyone? Oh…now SDM understands: You are trying to catch Mr. England and the village attorney in some kind of nefariousness, right? Such as…um, SDM doesn’t know…speaking with each other? Call the cops and the ethics commission! A village resident spoke with the village attorney!]

(Unintelligible response from staff)

Stanczyk: Yes, it was. It said so on the bill…had a conversation and I did mean to ask about that… [Well this is a little embarrassing. There was no nefariousness? Perhaps this wasn’t the best time to ask.]

England: I have had no conversations with the village attorney. [Oh sh@#!]

Boutsis: I’ve had…no that’s not 100% true. You’ve had one conversation with me but it was not on RLUIPA.

Stanczyk: (Almost inaudibly.) It said on RLUIPA. [At this point Mayor Stanczyk wants an invisibility cloak.]

Boutsis: Maybe I confused two items together that I was doing RLUIPA research, but…

England: Yes, we did have one conversation where you asked that I not use your name directly even though it was used in an appropriate context. [Oh hell no! Tell us the context already! Did it involve the Mayor and her nonsensical digressions from the issue at hand?]

Boutsis: Yes, I asked you not to get me involved…please do not do that. [If only the rest of us could remain uninvolved…]

England: That is the only conversation Ms. Boutsis and I have ever had outside of one of these meetings. Ever.

Stanczyk: If there was any confusion, I am sorry. [Again with the confusion? It’s not confusing at all. You thought you would pin some legal fees on Mr. England, your nemesis, and the whole thing blew up in your face.]

Tendrich: Mme. Mayor, can we do what we came here for? To do the NPO instead of getting into a personal vendetta against each other?

[Howard – may SDM call you Howard? – your eternal optimism is contagious but you serve with persons who do not share your sunny disposition. The fact that you are speaking up is to be commended, but SDM wants you and Mr. Fiore to do more. You must object whenever any of your colleagues seeks to tarnish her office by engaging in the settling of personal and political scores from the dais. If they will not desist in such undignified behavior, then perhaps next time you should stand up and walk out in protest.]

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