SDM Wonders: Palmetto Bay Politics Edition

by SDM

Palmer’s Court-Ordered Hearing will be held on August 29, 2012 at 7:00 pm in the village chambers. The village website displays a zoning resolution title that grants Palmer the right ot enroll up to 1150 students. SDM Wonders: Who among the Three Amigos will fall on the sword to vote for Palmer? Will he or she ever be forgiven by the SOPs and Concerned Citizens of Old Cutler, Inc. (CCOCI)?

Another Palmer Lawsuit (Palmer Trinity Private School, Inc. v. Village of Palmetto Bay, Concerned Citizens of Old Cutler, Inc., and Joan Lindsay; Case No. 08-28977) is winding its way through the 11th Circuit Court. In an August 8, 2012 order, the court denied and granted a number of procedural motions to dismiss. Of note were Counts X and XI alleging Civil Conspiracy against CCOCI and Joan Lindsay, individually, which were dismissed without prejudice. The order granted Palmer twenty days to amend and refile these counts. SDM Wonders: Will Palmetto Bay taxpayers be given any information regarding this suit? For example, how much will taxpayers have to pony up if the village loses again? Maybe the council should have a COW meeting just on pending litigation. Then again, maybe taxpayers are the ones who should be having a cow.

Campaigning “Dependently” may become illegal in Palmetto Bay after the November vote on a charter amendment Requiring Candidates to Run Independently, so it appears Vice Mayor Brian Pariser and District 2 contender Tim E. Schaffer intend to collaborate while the collaborating’s good. SDM noticed a number of properties this week sporting both Pariser and Schaffer signs, including outside several polls yesterday. SDM Wonders: Why doesn’t the Vice Mayor honor the spirit of a charter amendment he claims to support?

The Time E Schaffer Campaign seems to be in stealth mode given the standards of most recent campaigns. SDM googled his name and came up with zilch in terms of a campaign website. SDM Wonders: Who is Tim E. Schaffer and what does he stand for? If he is, in fact, running on a slate with Brian Pariser, can SDM infer that Schaffer will become the Fourth Amigo?

Campaign Signs for two challengers seeking the Vice Mayor’s ouster also started popping up this week. For SDM conspiracy theorists wondering why all these signs were deployed during the same week (Hmmm…), there is a simple answer: Palmetto Bay has a rule that says campaign signs cannot be installed any sooner than 90 days before an election. (SDM looked to see if was updated on this point, but couldn’t find the new provision in there.) SDM Wonders: Will the entry of Karyn Cunningham into the Vice Mayor’s race, along with John DuBois, force Brian Pariser into a runoff?

Recall Organizers Face Ad Hominem Attacks here in the pages of SDM. In a comment to PB: Is the NPO just politics?, the following was submitted:

Why is Mr. Singer [an organizer of the Palmetto Bay recall] all of a sudden interested in Palmetto Bay politics, I have been attending meeting for quite a while and have never heard of him until now.  Is it that he and his development company,  Berkowitz Development, feel threatened by the possible zoning changes.  Perhaps they will not be able to overdevelop the Village as they have Kendall and other areas and line their pockets.  I am glad that we have a council that is willing to defend our quiet enjoyment of our neighborhoods.

(Readers can click on the post to read SDM’s brilliant rejoinders.)

Palmetto Bay is almost totally built-out and if they were wise, residents would cheer Berkowitz Development if it undertook redevelopment of the commercial areas on US 1. Thus, SDM Wonders: Why do some feel the need to trash future investors rather than to welcome them? Do the Three Amigos share this hatred of “developers?”

Lesson from the Tuesday, August 14th Election: The Founding Village Council’s Legacy cannot be understated, especially in its decision to hold elections in November rather than the middle of August just a week before school starts. Palmetto Bay voters should thank Eugene Flinn, Paul Neidhart, Linda Robinson, Ed Feller and John Breder for doing the right thing on election dates. SDM Wonders: When will the county government start holding elections in November when all of their constituents are engaged?

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