PB: Change of Tone?

by SDM

SDM watched last night’s Committee of the Whole meeting, which started about a half-hour late. The meeting was delayed because the council met in secret with their staff and attorneys to discuss the Palmer Trinity School litigation.

SDM felt that the prior meeting had a substantial impact on the tone of the COW. For example:

As SDM reported earlier this week, the council discussed purchasing the Burch property, which is next to the library on Old Cutler Road. The normally lock-stepped Three Amigos appeared to be suffering a fracture as Vice Mayor Pariser questioned the staff closely about their involvement with the property. It was clear to SDM that there was no consensus among the council majority on what to do with the property.

Twilight Zone Moment: The agenda item said the council would be discussing a purchase of the property, but Mayor Stanczyk focused more on staff’s attempts to help the property’s 90 year old owner with a DERM violation. Either someone screwed up the agenda or the Mayor decided to change the topic.

During a discussion on when the village should hold a ten-year celebration for regular folks – rather than the elite party held last weekend – the Three Amigos again appeared split. Mayor Stanczyk wanted to hold a special event in October or November to appease the public. Members Fiore, Tendrich and Vice Mayor Pariser leaned toward combining a 10 year celebration with the village’s annual picnic usually held in March.

Even the normally subdued village manager bowed up as the Mayor tried to add yet another October event to his small staff’s agenda. And the customarily vociferous Councilwoman Lindsay was practically silent during the meeting, while the usually reticent Councilman Fiore kept hinting that change was coming.

SDM Wonders: What the heck happened at the secret meeting? The logical answer is that the Three Amigos suffered a defection. Was it Stanczyk or Pariser?

SDM Says: While it is amusing to read the tea leaves, SDM prefers an open discussion of the facts. The Village People deserve to know what’s up.

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