PB: Araiza Challenges His Opponents to a Duel!

by SDM

Palmetto Bay candidate Jim Araiza issued the following challenge:

Today, I call upon my two opponents to join me in a 1-hour public forum to debate the issues that are before us, and to state their positions and vision for the future of Palmetto Bay. Our campaign has reached out to various neighborhood organizations to moderate and sponsor the event and we are confident a debate can be organized and take place within the next two weeks.

Ok, Mr. Araiza didn’t exactly challenge his opponents to a duel. The word “duel” implies two people. You know, Secretary of State Aaron Burr and Vice President Alexander Hamilton in 1804. SDM presumes pistols will not be involved. Insults at twenty paces!

The exciting thing is that Mr. Araiza has challenged – right here on SDM, in an SDM first – his TWO opponents to a debate! So, will Councilman Howard Tendrich and the mysterious Tim Schaffer take the bait…and debate?

(True, the Palmetto Bay Business Association is hosting a candidates’ forum next Wednesday, but it’s is not a debate.)

SDM Brilliant Suggestion: Why not have Captain Kreepy…errr, Palmetto Bay’s most eminent and honorable communications director arrange for a live debate on Channel 77 The Bay and by webcast?

Why not use modern technology to enlighten voters in advance of the most important election in the village’s short history?

Here’s what you do CK. Tap three prominent Village People (Maybe some former council members would volunteer to serve on a panel?) and hold two consecutive 30 minute debates where each Village Person asks a couple questions to each candidate. SDM volunteers to write up the questions. :)

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