PB: Tonight’s the night

by SDM

Tonight’s village council meeting marks a moment in time to be memorialized and recalled as a black day in Palmetto Bay’s history.

Tonight, the village council will insert into the village code a series of unnecessary ordinances designed to target a problem that long ago resolved itself. Palmetto Bay and its precursor was a place that welcomed private schools, churches, day care centers and other similar enterprises.

After tonight, Palmetto Bay will become an unwelcoming, intolerant place where such places become impossible to build and impossible to rebuild after a catastrophe. Sure, Councilwoman Lindsay will claim that everything in these ordinances amounts to apple pie and motherhood: she is a partisan who is trying to settle a score. No facts to the contrary will move her.

If she is presented with the fact that these ordinances contain provisions that were not discussed at two public workshops, she will say these ordinances follow the charter. No  further notice is necessary.

If she is asked to defer consideration of these ordinances so that property owners have sufficient time to understand them, she will say that she held two workshops and she is “protecting neighborhoods.” She will say that there is misinformation out there and everyone should trust her.

When opponents rise to speak, they will be jeered by the cave dwellers in the back of the chamber. They’re comments will be followed by a parade of residents – the usual suspects – who will praise the Three Amigos while knowing nothing about how radical these proposals truly are.

Contemplating all of this dark news caused SDM to think of something to brighten the day – to see the silver lining as it were. With apologies to the great Rod Stewart:

Stay away from my setbacks.
Stay away from my buffer, too.
End the lawsuit with Palmer school,
Vote out Brian and we’ll be cool.

Recall Lindsay and Stanczyk, too.
Once they’re gone, who can they screw?
After their votes, why should we wait?
Oh Brian, we won’t hesitate cause

Tonight’s the night
It’s gonna be alright
The election’s near.
Ain’t no SOP is gonna stop us now.

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