PB: Three Amigos election chicanery

by SDM

What is the village hiding?

Apparently, something pretty devastating if you read a comment on this blog posted by J.B. Harris. Mr. Harris reported to SDM that instead of receiving transcripts from the village’s attorney-client sessions on Palmer, Village Attorney Eve Boutsis filed a letter with the State Attorney General seeking clarification as to whether the village is required to release the documents.

[SDM Update: Recall Palmetto Bay posted a copy of the Boutsis letter here – if you click the link, a PDF document will begin downloading. The Boutsis letter is quite interesting in that it finally lays out in detail the web of litigation entangling Palmetto Bay. More on this later.]

SDM has no idea what Mr. Harris’s request stated nor does SDM know what Ms. Boutsis asked of the Attorney General Bondi. SDM maintains a strict policy of not receiving emails or documents to protect SDM’s tenuous sanity. This blog comments on information gleaned from the public domain and has no interest in being a reporter forced to investigate the veracity of records.

Anyway, SDM readers will recall that this particular issue has been raised in these pages before. See PB: Made in the Shade for a full discussion.The state statute at issue says that the village council “may meet in private” to discuss settlement negotiations or litigation expenses. The statute expressly does not state that they shall meet in private. Therefore, because the council is vested with the discretion on whether to meet in public, it logically follows that it maintains discretion on whether to release the records of those meetings.

Understand one more thing: the council cannot vote in private to continue litigating or to take any other specific action with respect to the litigation. SDM would argue that the council is not permitted under the statute to instruct the manager to settle or continue litigation outside of a public meeting.

So, the ultimate question becomes, what is the village hiding from the public? You all know the election is less than a month away and that voting will be fully underway long before then. Shouldn’t Palmetto Bay voters know what Mr. Pariser and Mr. Tendrich said regarding Palmer’s lawsuits given that the village lost so badly? For crying out loud, the Village People pay the tab here not you guys!

SDM Says: The village will not release these records without a court order because they are desperate to protect the Three Amigos’ majority. If these records were released, SDM believes no Palmetto Bay voter would  countenance another term with Brian Pariser as Vice Mayor or dog catcher for that matter. Boutsis is just doing the council’s bidding by throwing up legal hurdles in a prolonged effort at keeping the truth under wraps.

Sadly, Palmetto Bay every day looks more like the county from which it separated.

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