PB: Schaffer’s Black Helicopters

by SDM

The Palmetto Bay News runs stories about the candidates for District 2 in its current edition. SDM reviewed the articles and couldn’t let them pass without a couple of snarky comments.

Howard Tendrich is his customary gentlemanly self. SDM is convinced Tendrich is a true child of the 60s – someone who really believes all you need is love and SDM thinks Palmetto Bay’s churches and schools surely could use some love.

Jim Araiza is his customary self, too. His is a campaign of trite, vacuous promises: “My primary focus is to promote active participation in our community.” Maybe Araiza should run for President of the chamber of commerce, instead.

From the usually invisible Tim Schaffer, Palmetto Bay is treated to an ominous black helicopter view of local politics:

“I chose to ask the residents of Palmetto Bay to allow me to represent them as a council member in District 2 because over the past two years I have noticed an attempt by non-resident outsiders to influence the direction of our village,” Schaffer said.

“This pressure has come in the form of groups backed by non-residents that seem to be only concerned about their own interests and not the interests of the residents. Those groups are backing some of the other candidates. My responsibility will be to our residents and their concerns.”

Of course, Mr. Schaffer won’t name the crafty outsiders who are exercising mind control on Palmetto Bay – at least he won’t name them in the newspaper. Schaffer and his buddies prefer to smear the opposition in emails from a shadowy non-profit corporation. Below is an excerpt from that nasty email:

DuBois, Araiza, and Cunningham are campaigning against ‘expensive lawsuits’ and ‘fiscal mismanagement,’ but fail to mention that the Village of Palmetto Bay is in excellent fiscal health with over $8 million in reserves. Moreover, the total amount spent by the village defending lawsuits arising from the council’s efforts to protect residential neighborhoods from intrusive development is only about $4 per resident for each of the past six years. Is $4 a year per resident too much for neighborhood protection?

Sound familiar? It’s the same argument made by village resident Chuck Latshaw in the Miami Herald. Go to PB: Rebutting Sycophancy – Act II for a thorough rebuttal of Latshaw’s tendentious letter.

By the way, Mr. Schaffer, can you name a single instance of “intrusive development”? Are speaking of the expansion of a school? If so, does that mean you oppose private schools in Palmetto Bay?

Palmetto Bay voters should reject the SOPs campaign of misinformation and fear-mongering. SDM is a Palmetto Bay resident and nobody pays a dime for anything that you read on this blog, so stop running around claiming everyone who disagrees with the Three Amigos is some kind of alien.

SDM Says: When a candidate can’t run on his record or his ideas, his only resort is to trash his opponents.

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