PB: Pre-election delusions and admissions

by SDM

An upcoming Miami Herald report on the Palmetto Bay elections contains some interesting comments from the candidates. SDM can’t resist the urge to comment on a couple of them.

Pariser: delusional as usual

The related Neighborhood Protection charter amendment language on the ballot creates a provision in which single-family, residential-zoned properties shall be protected from the negative impacts of adjacent or nearby non-single-family-residential and requires four affirmative votes of the council to approve a zoning change, conditional use, or special exception in any single-family-residential district.

“This is nothing unusual,” [Vice Mayor] Pariser said. “These are not new concepts. This tinkers with noise and dirt and dust so everyone has a standardized pattern.”

Nothing unusual? The charter amendment is a gigantic and legally questionable departure from current law, which in Palmetto Bay is already abnormally and unnecessarily restrictive. You don’t have to believe SDM, just read what the village attorney says about it:

  • The City [of St. Pete Beach, which adopted an analogous provision] spent more on legal fees than its annual budget.
  • To date, the proponent[s] of the ballot language, Mrs. Tellam and Mr. Gibbs, the land use lawyer working with Mrs. Tellam, have not provided any language from a charter that is similar to the language being proposed for insertion in the Village’s charter.
  • [The charter amendment] could result in a substantial [Bert J. Harris Act] damage claim being filed against the Village.
  • City of Hollywood was subject to a RLUIPA claim and settled the litigation for over $4,000,000.

Now, to be fair, Mr. Pariser’s quote may be referring to the hollow neighborhood protection ordinance. SDM has already gone over this subject in PB: NPO impressions. In one sense, Pariser is correct. After months of over-the-top rhetoric from NPO acolytes, the oridinance(s) turned out to be a misfire. Nevertheless, Howard Tendrich sees the NPO as more than “tinkering”:

“This is a big challenge we need to fight,” he said, citing some elements as overly restrictive, such as a noise ordinance that forbids outside speakers after 2 p.m. on Saturday and no outside speakers on Sundays at events such as ballgames. “I think this is wacko.” (Emphasis added by SDM.)

Schaffer to Palmetto Bay Residents: Settle Down!

According to the Herald, Fourth Amigo Tim Schaffer did his best impression of Kevin Bacon in Animal House:

“Let’s settle down. I’ve seen what seems to be a battle between guys who lost in 2010 and those who won in 2010 and those related to those on both sides. [We] seem to be on a more destructive path than constructive path. I am 100 percent focusing on the residents of Palmetto Bay and listening to what they want.”

SDM will pay $20 to anyone who has seen Bacon and F.A. Schaffer in the same room.

Seriously, the F.A. Schaffer actually makes a good point. Since the 2010 election, the village is on a more destructive path. If you doubt SDM, just look at the village checkbook.

SDM Says: F.A. Schaffer will merely add to the disaster this village has suffered through for the past two years. Vote for Howard Tendrich and against the “neighborhood protection” charter amendment.

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