PB: SDM Quick Bites

by SDM

Irony thy name is Shelley

SDM received a smuggled copy of an email Mayor Shelley Stanczyk sent under her personal address to village residents. Along with an excerpts, SDM will provide you some snarky comments in brackets as usual:

The notices have gone out to everyone that one of the huge numbers of public records requests made by the Recall Palmetto Bay Group is for the email list for e-currents. [Funny how you conveniently fail to mention that you yourself requested the very same list, Mme. Mayor. Hypocrisy, meet your match.]

I know that many of you are extremely upset over this invasion of your privacy. [People are allegedly upset over receiving an email because it’s an invasion of privacy. And you say this in an uninvited email? Hmmm…]

I am sorry that they have brought this attempt at personally sabotaging the Village and the Council so close to all of you. [The village is being sabotaged by an email? Has Recall Palmetto Bay unleashed the Stuxnet virus? Someone call James Bond.]

If you are offended by the content, I urge you to request being eliminated from their list. [The Mayor doesn’t trust the Village People to read other views and draw their own conclusions. How about you stop sending out emails first?]

I will however tell you, that the emails that I have received have had no truth to them. The authors have taken facts and then re-invented them for their own intent.

SDM Says: When a political figure can’t argue her position, she will make a broad generalization like “the emails that I have received have had no truth to them” without citing a single statement she disputes. This is the intellectual depth of your leader, Palmetto Bay. Are you proud?

Is this an election for prom king?

And speaking of our mile-wide and inch-deep fearless leader, SDM spy David Zisman reports that Mayor Stanczk was banned from an early voting site after she allegedly cussed out a voter. SDM can’t confirm the incident but Zisman claims eyewitnesses were present.

Then, SDM got a report from other eyewitnesses that a council member’s husband was cited by county police for vandalizing a political sign at the same voting location where the Mayor had her outburst. If true, then by SDM’s count the Three Amigos have notched a Mayor-banning and two election-related police reports.

(Recall that Vice Mayor Pariser supporter Elizabeth Williams was cited for stealing John Dubois’s signs back in August. Dubois chased Williams to North Miami so that her sign purloining would not go unpunished.)

SDM Wonders: Are these people actual adults? They appear old enough but SDM’s seen high school prom kings that behave better.

Promising trouble

SDM acquired a copy of a mailer put out by candidate Jim Araiza in which he promises to “abolish special interests.” Now why hasn’t Congress, or the State Legislature, or the county commission, or even our lowly Palmetto Bay village council thought of this idea?

Perhaps because doing so would be unconstitutional on its face. (Litigation alert!) Most of us learn about the constitution’s protections in a high school government class. Maybe Mr. Araiza was absent that year.

SDM Says: Beware candidates who make crazy promises…they might just try and keep them.

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