PB: Almost over…But…

by SDM

NPO Lame Ducks

Before SDM gets to the election, don’t forget that your Mayor is holding a council meeting tonight. Yes, you heard SDM correctly. Mayor Stanczyk will hold the final meeting on those silly and absurd “neighborhood protection” ordinances the night before a hotly contested election. Gotta get this done before they throw the bums out!

Two years ago, the monthly meeting was held on the 18th, rather than on election eve. SDM guesses this is Palmetto Bay’s version of a lame duck session. SDM Says: Make Vice Mayor Pariser your personal lame duck, please.

The election’s over tomorrow…except in Palmetto Bay?

Even SDM who is obsessed with politics is ready for the election to be over tomorrow night – not counting recounts and litigation, of course.

But here in Palmetto Bay, there is a very real chance the elections for Vice Mayor and District 2 Council Member could end up in runoffs scheduled for November 20th. Both Palmetto Bay seats have three competitive candidates so the odds are against the incumbents securing the 50% plus one vote needed to avoid the runoff.

Ready for two more weeks of campaigning while you get ready for Thanksgiving? :)

Turnout down so far

As we head into the election tomorrow, at least in Miami-Dade County, it appears that voter turnout is down by about 8% from 2008:



Eligible 1,253,428


Voted Absentee



Voted Early*



% Voted



*Through November 5, 2012

Why the lower number? Probably because there were fewer early voting days this year than in 2008, though it might be due to dwindling voter interest, too.

SDM calculates that close to 500,000 voters must cast their ballots tomorrow to hit 2008’s 70% turnout figure.  But only about 372,000 voted on election day in 2008 (390,000 adjusted for increased registration). Hmmm…

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