PB: How To Lose An Election

by SDM

No, SDM is not going to talk about the national race. This blog is local and a very promising local campaign to unseat an unpopular incumbent is taking steps to lose the runoff.

Yesterday, a gentleman named David Zisman commented on PB: Post election review. Here is the core of his politically foolish statement:

Thank you SDM for coming to the correct analysis of who to support in the runoff. There should not even have been a runoff except for the efforts of our not so endearing X Mayor. His two candidates went down in a blaze. Howard had already decided not to run back in August when our X Mayor convinced him he would win outright. As for Karyn, she seems nice enough but the lingering distaste for the X Mayor lives on long after his stunning defeat against Lynda Bell. Karyn, next time you run for something, stay far away from Gene Flinn. I can only imagine the support that he promised you and I assume he delivered you nothing.

So Gene Flinn will cost Palmetto Bay about $50,000 for the runoff election that “Never Should Have Been.” Well that’s still cheaper then having him in office.

Now, Mr. Zisman has a right to his opinion, which SDM will show to be both dead wrong and outrageously presumptuous at the same time. But first, my dear readers must understand that Mr. Zisman advertises himself as a John Dubois guy, which SDM takes to mean that he is an integral component of Dubois’s campaign and perhaps even a spokesman for him.

If so, Mr. Dubois’s got some splaining to do.

First, the idea that some self-anointed group of residents would essentially try to “negotiate” Councilman Tendrich out of running for re-election so that their candidate would have a clearer path is anathema to SDM. Who are they to tell him not to run? This is the precise behavior SDM finds repugnant in the Three Amigos.

Second, SDM happens to like and support Mr. Tendrich and thinks you should have kept your guy out of the race, which might have thereby avoided a runoff.  See how ridiculous you sound when the facts are flipped?

Third, you can cajole and lobby people not to run for office, but your doing so makes your candidate look weak. SDM happens to think Mr. Dubois will do an excellent job and has no trouble supporting him enthusiastically. SDM also believes Mr. Dubois can and must win without the machinations of a few Machiavelli wannabes.

Fourth, why, when the runoff will be so close, would you go out and insult a two-term former Mayor and a candidate who just took about a third of the vote? (BTW, that ain’t going “down in a blaze,” sir.)

SDM Says: Mr. Zisman, you have a constitutional right to express your antipathy toward Mr. Flinn, but you should remember the ancient political maxim – the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Mr. Flinn has repeatedly criticized Vice Mayor Pariser, making him a logical addition to the Dubois team.

SDM Wonders: Why are you so hellbent on alienating Mr. Flinn and Ms. Cunningham at the moment Mr. Dubois needs them most?

SDM’s Free Advice to Mr. Dubois: You need Mr. Flinn and Ms. Cunningham to support you and to ask, beg and cajole their supporters to choose you. Your margin of victory does not warrant a touchdown dance and declaration of victory at halftime. Distance yourself now from these comments. SDM will publish your statement should you wish to avail yourself of this forum.

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