PB: Tim Schaffer is… Marathon Man

by SDM

SDM enjoys reading campaign reports. Yes, SDM is warped and hopeless. But if SDM didn’t read campaign reports, you would not know that Tim E. Schaffer, candidate for village council district 2, is Marathon Man.

Before SDM explains, a little context might help.

As of November 1, 2012, Mr. Schaffer reported contributions totalling $15,625. Of this amount, Schaffer loaned his campaign $8,000.  This last report before the November 6 election shows that Schaffer’s campaign spent $7,305.23.   Therefore, Schaffer’s cash on hand was $8,319.77, which means that if he did not spend the cash by election day, he could use the balance for the runoff – or – to pay himself back the 8 grand he loaned himself.

Isn’t that interesting? SDM can’t wait to see if Schaffer loaned the money to the campaign just to look like he was more financially competitive than he ever intended to be. It’s an old trick, but until the next reports are posted, SDM can only speculate…and…marvel at Schaffer’s loyalty to the Marathon gas station at SW 168th Street and Old Cutler Road.

Since the beginning of the campaign, Mr. Schaffer has visited the Marathon station to gas up his “campaign truck” five times, spending a total of $200.75. This campaign truck was featured in one of Schaffer’s mail pieces. If you’re looking for a candidate who’s loyal to his fuel provider, Tim Schaffer is definitely your [Marathon] man!

SDM Wonders: Why would a candidate loan his campaign $8,000 and then charge back the campaign account for gas? And, why would the candidate charge back $15.84 for campaign meeting food at the Pubgrill in Cutler Bay? (Seriously, how many people attended this “meeting” Mr. Schaffer? :) )

SDM Says: Doing so only makes sense if you never intended to spend the money you lent yourself. Perhaps SDM has underestimated Mr. Schaffer’s political acumen. Time will tell.

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