Miami Heat: Business or Game?

by SDM

One of SDM’s favorite movie lines about professional sports comes from Nick Nolte’s character in North Dallas Forty:

“Every time I say it’s a game, you tell me it’s a business. Every time I say it’s a business, you tell me it’s a game.

That quote raced back into SDM’s pea brain immediately upon reading “Miami Heat asks Miami-Dade County to extend arena lease.”

Let SDM say for the record that this blog loves the Heat. The team is a credit to the city it calls home in just about every way one can imagine.

The problem, as Nick Nolte pointed out, is that sometimes our emotional allegiance to a sports franchise clouds our collective brains when it comes to the business of professional sports. To see how some franchises play on our emotions, one only has to look across 826 to the (spit) Miami Marlins. Oh, how SDM hates that repugnant deal.

Just imagine if, instead of a half-empty baseball stadium, Miami-Dade had a brand-spanking new convention center on that very same spot. It’s heartbreaking to consider the potential alternative uses of a billion dollars, especially given the Marlins behavior since, well, forever.

SDM Says: It’s time for some tough love. Our beloved Heat must be told in no uncertain terms that operating arenas is a business. The community deserves a return on its investment now and that return must be delivered in American Dollars. Sure, we love the game, the players and the team. But it’s high time they love us back in kind.

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