SDM’s Miscellany – Stanczyk and Bell

by SDM

SDM’s Brain Control – Magic Agenda Edition

In our post on December 11, 2012 titled “PB: COW Meeting Tomorrow Night – Following Flinn,” SDM commented:

In a pathetic attempt to follow the leader, Stanczyk will hold a COW meeting tomorrow night in an attempt to justify her term in office…measured against the standard Mr. Flinn continues to set.

Apparently, SDM’s jab struck a nerve in village hall because almost immediately after SDM published the commentary, Palmetto Bay released a revised COW agenda that excised most of the items upon which SDM commented!

Now, SDM knows that this blog’s readers are exceptionally intelligent and good-looking so you are all probably saying, “sure, SDM, you made her do it, riiiight…” Well, SDM has proof! Click here to see the original agenda.

For the record, SDM published our post at 12:02 p.m. Now, take a look at the revised agenda, which was modified at 12:59 p.m. Now, click here to see the revised agenda. You see? Magic!

Doesn’t that tickle your intelligent and good-looking funny bone? SDM – just like Councilwoman Lindsay – is exercising brain control on Mayor Stanczyk!

SDM’s will now exercise new brain control directly on the Mayor: Put the disc golf item back on the agenda. SDM needs to know the facts of this critical issue. :)

For more on Ms. Lindsay’s brain control powers, check out Palmetto Bay: Lindsay Exercising “Brain Control.”

Bell’s Been Both Nice and Naughty

In a post on November 29, 2012, SDM extolled Lynda Bell’s Excellent Idea, which was to stop people from camping on county-owned public property. The obvious target of Bell’s nice idea was to prevent another camp-in by Occupy Wall Street wannabes.

Unfortunately, Bell introduced and attempted to pass a naughty idea at the December 11, 2012 Miami-Dade Internal Mgmt. & Fiscal Responsibility Committee. Specifically, Bell proposed to distribute county surplus property (a computer and its peripherals) to an entity called “American International Relief, Inc.” The meeting was ultimately cancelled for lack of quorum, but this item may end up on the commission agenda anyway.

So, SDM went to the State website to check on American International Relief, Inc. What stood out to SDM was that this organization had to be reinstated as a corporation five times since 2007 and as recently as just this year. Reinstatement is usually caused by an entity’s failure to pay its annual fees and to file its annual reports with the state.

SDM Wonders: Why would the county distribute surplus property to an entity that is so obviously unstable? The fact that the donation is de minimis in value shouldn’t obviate the importance of question either. Which Makes SDM Also Wonder: How do these organizations insinuate themselves into the good graces of elected officials and are they truly worthy of our largess?

For another example of a questionable donation of surplus property by Commissioner Bell, read Lynda Bell Giving Surplus Van to Religious Organization.


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