SDM’s New Year’s Resolution

by SDM

SDM is no fan of cynical politicians. What constitutes cynical behavior in SDM’s world is when a political figure intentionally misleads the public by twisting facts – or ignoring them altogether – knowing that the general public doesn’t know the truth.

Let SDM give you a current example. Some national political figures insist that extending the Bush-era tax cuts for  98% of taxpayers will resolve the “fiscal cliff.” Of course, the truth is that if this wish were granted, the result would be trillion-dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see; yet most regular folks are either too busy or too ill-informed to understand this basic law of math. Thus, the political figures get away with the ploy, knowing that all they are doing is borrowing from the future.

Certainly, this type of cynical manipulation is nothing new. What SDM feels to be new is how those who challenge such cynical behavior react to it. SDM has noticed that instead of reacting with intellectual outrage, sometimes even the lowly SDM reacts with a personalized outrage – a dislike of the person doing the cynical act, occasionally manifested in a blog post.

Sure, some may say that a blast from SDM’s pen is exactly what the cynical politician deserves. Fight fire with fire, they might argue.

But the problem with fighting cynicism with aggression or, worse, in kind, is that doing so further coarsens an already too coarse public dialogue.

Therefore, SDM resolves that in 2013 this blog will maintain a laser-like focus on argumentation based on facts. This blog will concentrate on correcting misleading statements and avoid the temptation to wallow in personalized observations about the speaker’s faults.

But, there is a caveat: Politicians use their various platforms to verbally express their individualized political philosophies. For example, Palmetto Bay’s Mayor often lectures speakers on her understanding of village laws and procedures. She often stumbles on her words and misstates those laws and procedures. SDM will continue to point out those mistakes, along with those of her colleagues, because someone must.

From all of us at SDM, happy holidays and our best wishes for a wonderful New Year.

Publication Note: SDM will be publishing only occasionally until after the first of the year. Even curmudgeon’s deserve a little time off.

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