PB: Jan. 7, 2013 Council Meeting Quick Bites

by SDM


Despite a valiant effort by staff, the village council wisely heeded SDM and others by tabling the purchase of two Chevy Volts until more information could be gathered.

The odd part of the discussion came when staff explained that when charging stations were installed in the new village hall this circumstance apparently meant that the village policy would be to purchase electric vehicles. Talk about the tail wagging the dog.

SDM Says: Bravo council members. Thinking carefully before you act almost never results in harm.

The Beat Goes On

In less pleasant news, the council approved the contract for the Corradino Group. SDM says less pleasant because the discussion of the item bolstered the argument for granting the contract to Corradino despite the circumstances.

What surprised SDM was when Village Manager Ron Williams lavished praise on Mr. Corradino for his role in securing the grant funding for the Safe Routes to Schools program. According to Mr. Williams, the village apparently would not have received the grant had not Mr. Corradino spearheaded the grant application.

SDM Says: Next time village staff claims credit for securing grants, which they did often during the last budget cycle, some intrepid council member ought to inquire whether the staff had anything to do with getting the money.

Subscription Television

There were several notable comments made at last night’s meeting, which SDM intends to document in future posts. But the words of Communications Dude Bill Kress take the cake both for outrageousness and for how little impact they had on the council’s debate.

SDM didn’t note the precise moment Captain Kreepy made the comment so all SDM can post is a paraphrase. During his introduction CK said that he did some research on village cable tap channel WBAY’s viewership. He said WBAY had approximately 100 viewers. He went on to note that these hundred souls were more than could fit in the council chambers. No lie…he said it and SDM guffawed thinking the item had to be dead at that point.

animalhouse347 - Copy

But noooooo

Vice Mayor Dubois announced that he was willing to invest in another year of WBAY programming regardless of the obvious fact that essentially NOBODY watches the channel.

Former President Ronald Reagan famously chided Congress in 1985 by noting that instead of building Metrorail it would have been cheaper to buy every rider a limousine.

Too bad the Vice Mayor didn’t apply Mr. Reagan’s simple mathematical formula to the funds budgeted for WBAY.

SDM Says: Palmetto Bay intends to spend about $1,000 per viewer on its self-aggrandizing cable channel, which is certainly enough to buy every viewer both a cable subscription and a new television.

Coming Attractions: Tune in later this week for SDM’s analysis of a very important and refreshing council debate on the role of government in Palmetto Bay.


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