Solving the Dolphins Stadium Problem

by SDM

SDM had one of those moments of clarity this morning that must be shared. SDM knows how the public can participate in the remodeling of the Dolphin stadium without sending existing tax dollars to a private land owner.

Instead of the referendum/Super Bowl plan discussed in today’s Miami Herald, the county should pass an ordinance permitting Steve Ross to impose a tax on every ticket sold at his stadium. The proceeds of this ticket tax¬†could then be used to finance the roof project.

If the county commission wanted to get really wild, it could impose the ticket surcharge tax on all tickets sold for professional sports inside the county’s jurisdiction. The county could use the proceeds to finance stadium construction and renovation to its heart’s content, assuming the funds were not diverted for other purposes unrelated to the tax.

SDM’s solution is a win-win for everyone because the cost of the tax would be borne by those who benefit from it, sort of how the convention development tax and the tourist bed tax were supposed to benefit convention center construction and tourist development.

Now, Mr. Ross may say “wait a second, I don’t want to impose a cost on my customers. They might not purchase as many tickets or attend as many games. Plus, how can I guarantee the county won’t spend the tax money on other uses that were not contemplated when the tax was created?”

SDM Says: Now you’re getting the point, Mr. Ross.

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