PB: Agenda-gate

by SDM

In SDM’s last post, What’s Up With The Noise Ordinance?, SDM speculated that a couple of phantasms were conspiring to disrupt Palmetto Bay’s clockwork government by slipping anonymous items into the council’s COW agenda.

Now, it turns out that the troublesome apparitions have struck again!

The latest version of the COW agenda removes the following item:

“Discussion regarding revising Division 30-60 “General Regulations”; revising 30-60.29, relating to noise standards.”

And replaces it with this item:

“Village-wide traffic calming.”

Isn’t this just funny? First some unknown person or soul places a controversial item on the agenda and then poof it disappears.

SDM Wonders: Who is changing the agendas and why? [By the way, Mme. Mayor, it is not very nice to make the Village Clerk change the agenda twenty minutes before close of business on a Friday before a long holiday weekend.] Do the members of the council approve this odd habit of changing the agendas after SDM questions them? Are SDM the unholy apparitions haunting village hall?

SDM Says: Only the Shadow knows.

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