PB: Mayoral Scandal Rocks Palmetto Bay

by SDM

It’s probably not the first time a sitting public official anonymously blogged, but the news astonished us here at SDM. David Singer disclosed on this blog that Palmetto Bay Mayor Shelley Stanczyk owned and operated a blog called pbcheckstherecord.com, which she used to trash candidates in the most recent election.

Mayor Stanczyk may have taken her dirty little secret to the grave had she not published defamatory material. But there it is in black and white on the Recall Palmetto Bay website: Stanczyk used her Paypal account to purchase the website. That deed makes her responsible for the content of the blog, which included these gems:

  • I am getting a lot of emails regarding the election. While some candidates have a ton of money to throw into the race, Last reports show Dubois well over $100,000 with an anti Gay Christian Coalition PAC contributing more. (Posted November 17, 2012)
  • Writing about Vice Mayor Dubois: When he says he has lived in this county for 10 years I begin to understand that he has been violating environmental laws for the entire time he has lived here in Palmetto Bay. … John, your case is not dismissed. They are filing to continue going forward. Becoming a Vice-Mayor is not a tool to use to avoid prosecution. Just be honest about your legal troubles. Lying is so much worse. (Posted November 13, 2012)
  • Again writing about Dubois: The Village’s last [mitigation] payment to the County was made in 2010. The Charter Amendment regarding mitigation changes was voted on and passed successfully during the summer 2009 write in ballot. If you did not know that, your credentials as a resident to this village should be revoked. And as I suspect that you did know, your (sic) very dishonest way of campaigning is certainly not a credit to you and makes you untrustworthy. (Emphasis added by SDM.) (Posted on November 11, 2012)
  • Dubois’ campaign contribution list began with the 12 attorneys from the firm Bilzin and Sumberg. Yes, the name is familiar. It’s the law firm that represents Palmer Trinity. It is also the same group on the same night who gave Araiza his first group of contributions. While the law suit is winding down I am sure there is more for them to get from the Village in terms of concessions. Surely they are counting on a compliant council to back off of the many stipulations they agreed to. (Emphasis added by SDM.) (Posted on November 2, 2012)
  • [Vice Mayor candidate Karen] Cunningham’s PAC and out-of-state contributions…will total over $100,000 for her many mailers, newspaper ads, paid campaign workers, campaign managers, and more. Her out-of-state contributions include lobbyists, bankers (union money), unions, politicos, charter schools, and of course her family. She is a UTD Labor Organizer. One would think that the teachers are supporting her campaign. They are not. (Posted on November 2, 2012)
  • Referring to a mailer she didn’t like: It was sent under the name of Tell the Public the Facts, Inc. The groups behind this PAC are all inactive businesses with a long history of political campaign…involvement so it is difficult to see exactly what individuals are involved although Cunningham’s main supporter, [Former Mayor Eugene] Flinn has been suggested as the spearhead of this PAC activity (this may be one of his PAC’s from his last election)(Emphasis added by SDM.) (Posted on November 2, 2012)
  • To supplement her funding and to make up for the discretionary money of Dubois, Cunningham is running the old style negative union style campaign. She has intimidated residents into putting her signs in their yard by showing them copies of the sign ordinance and saying that it permits her to place a sign in their yard without their permission. Of course it doesn’t. Her main platform is that she is a widow, and that the budget of the Village smells funny. Her door to door against Pariser is old style lie and intimidate. (Emphasis added by SDM.) (Posted on November 2, 2012)
  • Tendrich’s platform then was to have more code enforcement and code compliance officers. He’s the anonymous caller if you ever have the code officer visit you and he tells you a complaint was made. … It’s always political with him. He doesn’t like the Mayor or Lindsay or Pariser. If they vote for something he votes against it and has said so. I am wondering if he has cut a deal to get the votes from Araiza at the run-off.  (Emphasis added by SDM.) (Posted on November 2, 2012)
  • Recall Palmetto Bay is supporting Dubois, Araiza, Cunningham, and Tendrich. David Singer of Berkowitz Construction is the leader of the Recall Movement. His support clearly states the agenda and the future of development in Palmetto Bay. As someone told me when they read about the Recall movement, if Singer and Berkowitz Development is involved there’s something big to build and money to be made. (Posted on November 2, 2012)
  • What surprised me about the questions to Karyn Cunningham was that no one asked about her door to door activity of recording addresses where Pariser signs are located and then sending them the FAMOUS ANONYMOUS LETTERS FILLED WITH COPIES OF FLINN AND SDM BLOG PAGES [ :) ]WITH A HAND SCRAWLED XEROXED LETTER TELLING PEOPLE TO TAKE THEIR SIGNS DOWN. Talk about intimidation tactics. Her daughter and Karyn both denied doing it to those who asked her personally but… The truth is in the handwriting. I am no handwriting expert but if I was a betting man I would say it was a match. (Emphasis in the original.) (Posted on October 21, 2012)
  • Flinn ambushed Stanczyk when she made the motion for 900 students. As an attorney he knew that by making the statement that the 900 was arbitrary when he did, that could be used against the Village and would never stand up to appeal. Flinn’s determination of arbitrary is the stated reason the judges have used to rule against the Village and is cited by Palmer attorneys repeatedly in the filings. (Emphasis added by SDM.) (Posted on October 21, 2012)
  • Flinn is stirring this pot as fast as he can in hopes it will bring him back to power. This is what we need, an arrogant official using the Village as a stepping stone, again. He fell off the pedestal once, Cunningham will help him back up just to let him leave us with another mess. (Emphasis added by SDM.) (Posted on October 21, 2012)
  • Under the heading “Re-Elect Brian Pariser Supported by Mayor Stanczyk in Letter to Palmetto Bay”: This letter came by email.  Other letters that I received in support of other candidates were negative and not accurate.  The accomplishments listed are verifiable.  Read on. (No date shown.)
  • In a comment on the charter amendment changing term limits: Voting Yes would allow a council member who has served 1 term to serve 2 full terms as Mayor or Vice Mayor utilizing their knowledge and experience to the benefit of the Village residents. Dissatisfaction with the individual of course would be determined at the polls and the point becomes moot. Term limits have a somewhat negative connotation in Dade County because of the controversy regarding our County Commission.  However, that discussion denies the facts of the very steep learning curve for those who are elected to this part-time volunteer job in the smaller municipalities. (No date shown.)

SDM Says: What a self-serving, back-biting hack.

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