PB: Meet The Village Spokeswoman

by SDM

During the council meeting on Monday, Mayor Stanczyk mentioned during a discussion of the traffic circle project that she had already been in contact with Commissioner Bell’s office, which got  SDM thinking…

SDM recalled that Mayor Stanczyk’s Palmetto Bay Checks the Record website mentioned other public officials in some of the posts. So, SDM went to our trusty archive and checked what the Mayor – the village’s elected spokeswoman to other levels of government – said about these folks. Here’s what she wrote about Governor Rick Scott:

Headline: “John Dubois for Vice Mayor is the NEW Rick Scott of Palmetto Bay with TV ads, PAC Money… $100,000 to Buy a Village Council Seat.” Text: Well, it had to happen sooner than later to be sure. John E. Dubois with his limitless resources has surfaced as the new Rick Scott of Palmetto Bay. His PAC money from the illegal and voided registration of the Floridians for Ethical and Responsible Government certainly is unable to be counted or accounted for. (Posted on October 29, 2012)

Boy, Rick Scott must be racing to the phone to take Mrs. Stanczyk’s calls! He must be thrilled a local politician is parroting lines from his opponent’s campaign ads.

Closer to home, the person who we elected to represent us in out little burgh said this about our other representative Commissioner Lynda Bell:

Following the development of the case to today, Dubois has allegedly caused his next door neighbor to be sued by DERM and be fined daily as a result of Dubois’ alleged illegal filling of the neighbor’s property. The alleged motive or hidden agenda that is talked about across Palmetto Bay and County DERM is that Dubois wants to purchase the property at a reduced price. The reduced price is the result of the damage allegedly done by him to the property and the daily liens assessed by DERM. I guess he thinks his friend Lynda Bell will forgive the fines once he gets in line to buy the land. Emphasis added by SDM. (Posted on October 9, 2012)

Apparently, Mrs. Stanczyk thinks a county commissioner can unilaterally waive fines; or – and this is far more likely – she knows precisely that a commissioner has no such power and is intentionally lying to the village people. Either way the Mayor looks pretty bad.

But how do you think Commissioner Bell is going to react to reading the statement now knowing that her suck-up Mayor-buddy was talking trash behind her back all along?

Just to make things worse, Mrs. Stanczyk posted a link to the scurrilous Eye On Miami so readers could quickly and easily find more dirt on the commissioner:

Check out how he protects himself with his friends at County Hall.
http://eyeonmiami.blogspot.com/2012/06/eom-investigative-report-lynda-bells.html (Posted on October 9, 2012)

Then on November 13, 2012, the Mayor doubled down on her animus towards Bell:

You remember what happened to DERM don’t you? His friend, Commissioner Lynda Bell dismantled it following a town hall meeting where Dubois played a very loud, public role.

SDM is no fan of Commissioner Bell – this blog opined in opposition to some of her policies, but this statement is patently false. Bell definitely went after DERM almost immediately following her election, but the the truth is that DERM was reaching beyond its regulatory authority and harassing people. Believe it.

Nevertheless, the fact is that DERM was consolidated into a larger department by Mayor Gimenez. SDM covered the Mayor’s departmental shifts at the time, so we have a record here. To say that DERM was dismantled is a lie; those functions moved to another department. Mayor Stanczyk knows this fact and SDM would argue that she intentionally painted a false picture for her constituents and to damage Commissioner Bell in their eyes.

The Village of Palmetto Bay Code contains the following provision:

Truth in Government. No municipal official or employee shall knowingly furnish false information on any public matter, nor knowingly omit significant facts when giving requested information to members of the public. (Palmetto Bay Charter, CITIZENS’ BILL OF RIGHTS (A)(2).)

Of course, Mayor Stanczyk could always say she wasn’t giving requested information to members of the public; she wasn’t even claiming ownership at the time!

SDM Says: Dear Governor and Commissioner, please don’t hold it against us that we have a thoughtless oaf as our Mayor. We can’t get rid of her right away, but some of us will do our best to give you a representative worthy of the people of this good community. Oh, and don’t hold SDM against the village people either! :)

P.S. Palmetto Bay Checks the Record has been scrubbed so you won’t find any of this trash up there now.

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