PB: When Winning Is Not Enough

by SDM

In the 2010 election, current Palmetto Bay Mayor Shelley Stanczyk faced candidate Peter England in an epic battle. Stanczyk won by 18 82 votes out of 4,554 cast. Rather than being thankful and feeling blessed by the slim victory, Stanczyk seems to have become embittered by it.

Look at her Palmetto Bay Checks the Record post in which she rips her vanquished opponent:

Palmetto Bay did have reasonable campaigns, once upon a time. I remember when it started to change. In the second campaign for Mayor, Eugene Flinn (whose opponent was the perpetual candidate Jim Araiza, yes I know, again) was able to raise a huge amount of money. Then, in the following election of 2010 the flood gates really opened with the Peter England campaign. He started about a 15-18 months out from the election to win the Mayor’s seat and went over the top with money from the business community. For little old Palmetto Bay? (Posted October 29, 2012)

Funny thing about politicians: it never seems to occur to them that the reason an opponent raises so much money is because a bunch of people really, really don’t want YOU! Meanwhile, when the politician goes out and raises money for herself, well, that’s just evidence of community support. SDM just calls it hypocrisy.

Now take a look at a later post where Stanczyk gives her supposed ally Tim Schaffer a backhanded compliment that is really a dig at her last opponent:

Tim Schaffer is a new person on the campaign and political front. I met him a couple of years ago when he delivered a letter to me opposing the CRA development vehicle that Peter England was supporting. (Posted November 2, 2012)

Later, in the same post, Stanczyk offers a rambling, Nixonian attack on a bunch of her political enemies:

Charter schools and developers now own Dubois and Araiza and Cunningham. Dubois’ property holdings on the US1 corridor and the Triangle in conjunction with his want for an Enterprise Zone tell you how his vote will be used. Enterprise Zones remove the normal controls over development and give tax cuts and other incentives that cost the residential tax payer. Dubois, Araiza, Tendrich (owns US1 property) as well as Cunningham (Flinn’s friends own multiple properties on US1) all have a strong connection to development. The healthy $10.1 million reserves of the Village is (sic) a cache of money that could be drained for developer subsidy. Dubois’ friend Peter England wanted to do it in the last election. Here we go again with our tax dollars and financial security under threat by the big business group. I’m not seeing any concern for the residents and families of our community from them. (Posted November 2, 2012)

Let SDM get this straight so we are all on the same page when Palmetto Bay’s 2014 election rolls around. When Mayor Stanczyk accepts a contribution, that person or entity now owns her. And, assuming Stanczyk has any political “friends” left in 2014, then those friends are all seeking subsidies from village coffers, right? Got it. Warped as they may be, at least we voters know the ground rules now thanks to our “leader.”

And by the way Mme. Mayor, you really need to spend a minute learning about Enterprise Zones and CRAs because your “facts” are all wrong, again. SDM doesn’t have the time or energy today to correct you, but if you continue to lie to the village people we will take you to task on that subject, too.

SDM Says: If politics is like a game, then the metaphor is most relevant to the way winners and losers are treated. Shelley Stanczyk’s narrow victory over Peter England in 2010 was not enough for her. Even two years later she continued to bash her opponent, which reminded SDM of a saying: “It is your response to winning and losing that makes you a winner or a loser.”

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