PB: SDM’s Thoughts on a Wild Week

by SDM

David Singer began the week when he quoted Sir Walter Scott: Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

It’s now Friday afternoon and the SDM crew will be heading to a nearby watering hole to try and forget a certain politician. Before heading out, SDM decided to disgorge some final thoughts on Mayor Stanczyk and her foray into anonymous blogging.

When this site was established, SDM chose to be anonymous. We did not do so because we wanted to avoid legal troubles that could arise from defaming people. The idea was that we wanted our sometimes acerbic commentary and analysis to be read for its content. We exchanged some credibility for the freedom of anonymity.  To bolster the credibility lost, we try to adhere to certain rules:

  1. Avoid personal attacks. We routinely delete or edit comments that discuss personal traits. We figure that if you want to throw those kinds of stones, you can go on Eye on Miami and call everyone and anyone whatever ugly name you desire. We also don’t allow attacks on a person’s business and try to avoid needlessly including the names of third parties, unless those names are necessary to an issue. If we fail in following this rule, we apologize and/or take down the material.
  2. Cite the sources of our facts. Regular readers know that SDM cites the source of the facts we quote. We often transcribe comments from meetings and provide the times and dates that correspond to the words. We reference documents so that readers can check our facts, which they do often, thankfully.
  3. Comment on public acts and statements, not on private statements or rumors. This one is hard to follow, but we also routinely delete comments that are based on rumors and innuendo. If we can’t verify the facts alleged, we avoid the comments. We will always approve comments that disagree with SDM so long as they are respectful and comply with basic fairness.

After reading dozens of pbcheckstherecord.com pages, SDM can state with confidence that Mayor Stanczyk followed virtually none of the rules we try to follow here. Had she done so, she might have avoided insulting (or worse) so many:

  1. Governor Rick Scott
  2. Commissioner Lynda Bell
  3. Vice Mayor John Dubois
  4. Former Councilman Howard Tendrich
  5. Former Mayor Eugene Flinn
  6. Candidate for Mayor (2010) Peter England
  7. Candidate for Vice Mayor Karyn Cunningham
  8. Candidate for Councilman Jim Araiza
  9. The Christian Coalition
  10. Palmetto Bay resident JB Harris
  11. Palmetto Bay resident David Singer
  12. Berkowitz Development Group
  13. Palmetto Bay resident David Zisman
  14. Frank Pintado (“of the Parking Lot Frank Pintado,” whatever that means)
  15. Randall Hilliard
  16. Palmetto Bay property owner Wayne Rosen (Shores at Palmetto Bay, LLC)

Mayor Stanczyk managed to accomplish flinging wild accusations or outright lies about the folks listed in less than two months as a blogger! Quite a tangled web, indeed.

SDM Wonders: Are the zealous supporters of Mayor Stanczyk feeling queasy at all about supporting a person like this? Or, do they think SDM has gone too far?

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