PB: Super Secret Transcript Leaked to SDM

by SDM

Shelley:    Thank you for coming to this emergency meeting of the Committee to Re-elect the Mayor or CREEM.

Warren:    Boy, that name sure sounds familiar…

Shelley:    Of course it does, Warren. It’s the name of our re-election committee. Remember? We met a couple weeks ago.

Bev:   No, there’s something else about that name…can’t put my finger on it.

Shelley:    What’s in a name? Anyway, I called you here today because we have a crisis.

Betty:    Darn right we do. That website is a big problem.

Shelley:    Tell me about it. That wicked JB Harris served the lawsuit on me last week just as I was going start giggling at John Dubois during his government hearing. They sued me!!!

Warren:    I think  we’ve all been sued. Shouldn’t you be in the stew with the rest of us since the website was your idea and you wrote all of the nasty stuff on there?

Gary:    Yeah. This was all about you wanting to shut up SDM and all the other people on your enemies list. You told us no one would ever figure out who wrote the crap on that site. Nice job getting caught.

Bev:    Enemies list…hmmm…this is really sounding familiar now.

Shelley:    Look, you don’t understand. I have to hire a lawyer now and it’s expensive.

Betty:    No sh&* Sherlock.

Gary:    Shelley, you got us into this mess and you need to get us out of it. When are you going to tell the community that you own the website and wrote the material on it? You need to get our names out of it.

Shelley:    Just calm down. My lawyer doesn’t want me to do that. Besides, we all contributed to pbcheckstherecord.com.

All:    WHAT?!?!?

Shelley:    We all contributed. Everything I wrote, we discussed at one time or another. I just wrote it down for all of us.

Warren:    Hold on a minute. We didn’t write that blog, you did.

Gary:    You can’t write all that stuff and blame it on us.

Shelley:    Nobody’s going to be blamed for anything. I gave the whole thing a lot of thought over the weekend and remembered that somebody hacked my Paypal account on the day in question.  The whole transaction happened without my knowledge.

Bev:    You think anyone will believe that?

Shelley:    Yes I do. I think people believe everything I say. Now, on to our response. I put together a psychological report that  one of you is going to have to put in JB Harris’s doctor’s office. Do I have any volunteers?

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