PB: Insomniacs Unite!

by SDM

SDM should be getting paid to write when the topic is Palmetto Bay. Last night’s Committee of the Whole meeting was about as interesting as watching grass grow – or paint dry – or a Mayor squirming.

Wait, that last part was a little interesting.

Marathon Man Tim Schaffer proposed creation of a couple of committees where members of the council could get together and work on various issues facing the village. You know, parks stuff, police, etc. Not a bad idea…so long as Mayor Stanczyk thought of it first.

Unfortunately for Schaffer, the Mayor didn’t think of it first, so she spent the night doing what she usually does: interrupting, criticizing, making irrelevant comments…the usual.

But while tearing down Mr. Schaffer’s idea, our Mayor Problem offered a tiny glimpse at what may be going on behind the scenes at village hall. “It sounds like a good idea in terms of building bridges between people and working on things that [are] collegial…” (12:12) Mrs. Stacnzyk repeated a similar sentiment in between “buts.”

Permit SDM to read some tea leaves here.  Our Mayor Problem must be starting to feel some heat from her devious and underhanded statements on pbcheckstherecord.com. Why else would she be so concerned about collegiality? SDM guesses she is feeling the whatever the opposite of  collegiality is every time she mounts the dais.

What is also painfully obvious – and trust SDM, watching these meeting is nothing but painful – is that even the Mayor’s sycophants no longer bother to attend council meetings. The ever-present and ever-ready Mme. Bev was there to comment, but SDM could see almost nobody else in the chamber.

Resident Steve Kreisher spoke at the end of the meeting and expressed a similar sentiment regarding how long and unproductive the council meetings were getting. (He used other words, but SDM can’t bring ourselves to watch again.) Aside from Mr. Triangle and Mme. Bev, nobody seems to be paying attention to what’s going on at these meetings.

Of course, the council met on Monday (Heat playoff game) and Wednesday (Heat playoff game), so external forces were removing eyeballs and back sides from the council chamber, too.

But SDM can’t help but notice that the Mayor ain’t turning out even her trolls anymore.

Oh, and just for the record, our Mayor Problem still hasn’t owned up to or denied involvement with the website.

SDM Says: Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

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