Memorial Day Guest Post: Is SDM Captain Courageous?

by SDM

Here at SDM we worship the  clever and snarky, but are awestruck by the double entendre. Thus, we honor one of our commenters who hit the trifecta and – as a welcome bonus – gave SDM the day off.


On this Memorial Day Weekend it’s worth noting that one freedom our young women and men have died to protect is the freedom of speech and press.

Not the scurvy scandalous slanderous trash that runs from the demented brains, through the rheumatic finger, to the twisted keyboards of cowardly Janus-faced bloggers like the mayor, who hide behind walls of fake internet registrations and Paypal payments to conceal their true identities, like she did as owner of

Rather bold brave truth tellers like SDM, who risk their lives to cut through the rhetoric and pull back the curtain to reveal the real evil ego-maniacs yanking and pulling on the gears of power to legitimize their worthless lives, by bullying and intimidating the innocent Dorothies and Totos of the world.

People like SDM are our true living heroes. Yes SDM who expends so much time and effort at the risk of losing his job to cover such a small sickening putrid slice of our world, this is what the first amendment was meant to protect. This is the reason young men and women have fought and died and will continue to do so, to protect the rights of SDMs around the world and in our own back yard.

Rest assured if the dictatorial mayor and her ilk had the power they would shut down SDM, like governments do to bloggers in Iran, Syria, China, and North Korea. They would drag SDM off to the guillotine and would bring down that blade to lop of his head bloodied and lifeless into a woven basket headed for hog feed, while the remains of his body would be drawn and quartered and left for the buzzards to pick at his bones in a fallow field of stumble weed and mud.

A special thanks then goes out to SDM this Memorial Day Weekend: a courageous soul and protector of our freedom. Let’s hoist SDM high upon our shoulders, wrap him in red white and blue bunting and parade him down Old Cutler, led by charter and private school brass bands, church choirs and cheers and hoorays of the freedom loving citizens and children of PB, while the seething slithering Slytherins slide off into the swamps of Biscayne Bay to shrivel and die.

Blog on SDM, blog on. Glory, glory hallelujah!

If you can still read the screen through your tears, allow SDM to wish you and your family a very Happy Memorial Day Weekend. But as you celebrate, please take a minute to explain to the little ones that this day is set aside to honor those who sacrificed everything for us. -SDM

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