Joe Garcia’s Story on the Absentee Ballot Scandal Doesn’t Add Up

by SDM

Sunday’s paper ran a story titled “Political advisor’s fall from grace: Jeffrey Garcia made his name as a hard nosed political operative in South Florida Congressional races.” The story contained two statements that SDM cannot reconcile:

1. But those close to the two men, who are unrelated, knew they shared more than a last name. They were friends for more than a decade, graduates of the same alma mater, brought closer by two hard-fought campaigns. And friends stick together.

2. The congressman says he didn’t know about the scheme, and prosecutors so far have backed him up. No charges have been filed. Law-enforcement officials seeking computer records raided the family homes on May 31 of John Estes, Garcia’s former campaign manager, and Giancarlo Sopo, his communications director, who has since been placed on unpaid administrative leave.

Now SDM is no mind reader, but is there anyone out there in the real world that thinks these statements can stand together without raising a bunch of questions?

On the one hand, the congressman didn’t know about the scheme. On the other hand, the two guys have been friends for more than a decade. And, two other campaign aides apparently knew what was going on but the man at the top never found out about it.

SDM Wonders: Does Congressman Garcia lives in some kind of a bubble? Or, more likely, is his best buddy giving him plausible deniability? Did any campaign funds go to this clandestine, “online campaign to submit hundreds of fraudulent absentee-ballot requests?” If the answer is no, how was it paid for? Wouldn’t the candidate know what three of his aides were doing when they allocated precious time to some mysterious activity?

SDM Says: Watergate taught the lesson that one must “follow the money.” SDM finds it hard to believe that Congressman Garcia didn’t know anything about the other Mr. Garcia’s activities, but if the Congressman authorized an expenditure of campaign funds to pay for the work, then he’s just as guilty as his Belen buddy. Now, if some arm of the Democratic party paid for it….hmm-mm….

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