Don’t Get Sick In Palmetto Bay or Pinecrest

by SDM

This weekend’s Herald Neighbors had a NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) story that left SDM agape – not such an easy feat given our level of cynicism.

The story titled “Pinecrest still working on new fire station” describes opposition from King’s Bay homeowners to a county plan to purchase a portion of the USDA property (at SW 136th Street and SW 67th Avenue) for a new fire station:

The goal is to build a station south of 124th Street and north of 152nd Street, so Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Chief David Downey and Planning Bureau Manager Carlos Heredia presented seven alternate locations, all within Palmetto Bay. Several sites along 152nd Street were considered but they all posed problems, said Downey who added the only feasible option is the USDA site.

Apparently, some folks living in the King’s Bay area think that fire stations are too noisy so they killed the deal with USDA. So now, all those people living on the East side of Palmetto Bay and Pinecrest are put at risk because their homes are farther than reasonable from a fire station.

Since when did the location of a fire station that serves thousands of people become determined by a tiny minority of homeowners? Was there a poll taken in King’s Bay or did a couple of loudmouths “represent” their neighbors? If SDM were a King’s Bay homeowner, we would sure like the option of having a quick response to our next heart attack.

SDM Wonders: What kind of a person hears a fire truck blast off from a fire station and then says, “Geez, that fire truck is so loud, it’s wrecking by barbecue?”

SDM Says: When SDM hears a fire truck’s siren, we silently say a little prayer for the unknown soul or souls who needs the service.

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