Dolphins Stoop to a New Low

by SDM

Here at SDM, we love the Dolphins. We don’t think of them as we do the Marlins, but the Dolphins ownership seems willing to test our loyalty in some very Marlin-like ways.

For example, SDM received a mailer over the weekend from a Florida non-profit company registered on June 13, 2013 by “Richard Kelleher” with an address in Coral Springs. The company sending us the piece is identified as “Florida Jobs First, Inc.”

The mailer had a singular purpose: To trash South Dade State Rep. Michael Bileca for his opposition to corporate welfare for SDM’s beloved Miami Dolphins.

But what a tangled trail was weaved to get this mail piece out. When SDM looks at the other corporations that have a an officer with the name Richard Kelleher, a bunch of varied companies pop up with Massachusetts addresses. Many of these entities are involved in managing hotels.

SDM Wonders: Did Dolphins owner Steve Ross tap his buddies in the hotel industry to form this group as a cover for the mail program? There is some logic in the connection given the hotel industry’s interest in making sure the stadium was retrofitted.

Regardless, it appears that Mr. Ross believes a sub rosa campaign will persuade voters to throw out his opponents in the legislature. It’s amazing what a desperate billionaire will do to get a gigantic interest-free loan! :)

SDM sure hopes the voters in South Dade reject this gambit and support State Representative Bileca if for no other reason than to show up Mr. Ross.

SDM Says: Mr. Ross, you are on a collision course with a reputation that will rival that of Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria. And, Mr. Bileca’s reputation just grew three sizes in SDM’s eyes.

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