PB Summer Concert: SDM Wonders

by SDM

Updated 3:00 p.m. July 3, 2013 – see P.S. below.

SDM didn’t attend the June 26 Palmetto Bay Summer Concert [SDM Ed. Note: because it hasn’t happened yet, the date is July 14th], but the concert’s poster started SDM to wondering.  According to the village website, a local county commissioner sponsored the event:

Bell Supports Concert Event … Miami-Dade County Commissioner Lynda Bell’s Office is supporting the Palmetto Bay Summer Concert at the $1,000 level of support. Thank you, Commissioner Bell, for your contined (sic) support of our Village.

In recognition of the contribution, Commissioner Bell’s logo was included in the concert poster:

There are four possible sources of funds that Commissioner Bell used to pay for the sponsorship: a personal payment; a third-party payment by a friend or supporter; a campaign payment; or, a county payment.

SDM would bet the most likely scenario is that the county – meaning taxpayers like you and me – paid the tab using the commissioner’s “district” funds. The second most likely scenario would be a campaign payment, but it seems unlikely here because Mrs. Bell did not include the required disclosure (i.e., “pd. pol. adv.,” etc.) A payment by a third party also seems unlikely since that would look a lot like an attempt to circumvent campaign laws.

SDM Wonders: Did Commissioner Bell dip into her own pocket to sponsor the summer concert? If so, we guess we should all be very grateful. Then again, if she just used SDM’s money, then we might wonder why she gets any credit for spending it. Hmmm:)

P.S.: Alert SDM reader – less alert than SDM, especially with regard to the date of the event – points out that the village code prohibits certain sponsors:

Types of entities that will not be eligible for sponsorships include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) Illegal businesses;
(2) Political organizations or any political statements;
(3) Companies whose business is substantially derived from the sale or manufacture of tobacco products, firearms or pornography (including, but not limited to, “adult use” as defined in the Village of Palmetto Bay Codes); and
(4) Alcoholic beverage companies, when the primary targeted beneficiaries of the marketing partnership are youth under the legal drinking age.

Prior to the determination of whether a prospective sponsor will be accepted, the village attorney shall be consulted.

Sec. 2-77(b), Village of Palmetto Bay Code of Ordinances.

Singer wonders whether a sitting elected official like Mrs. Bell would fall under the prohibition in #2 above. Is there an implied political statement from the commissioner? If a commissioner can sponsor a village event, may one of her opponents do so? Ah, the slippery slopes of Palmetto Bay…

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