PB: AIPP – More Lawsuits?

by SDM

When Fish Fly

Just when you thought the Village of Palmetto Bay had come to a reasonable conclusion of the Apple-eating Fish controversy, the village manager has brought the matter back for further consideration tomorrow night, July 11, 2013.

The manager was apparently unsatisfied with the ignominious defeat of the item last month (it died for lack of a second), Mr. Williams feels duty-bound to haul this project up from the deep:

…the item is being brought back for consideration before the council, to either select one of the three (3) ranked items, or to reject them all and provide direction to Village staff regarding a sculpture installation at Village Hall Plaza.

Well, there you go. The Manager says spend this money on something or tell us what to do with the anticipated gaping hole in front of Village Hall.

Whatever the village council decides to do, it may want to read this article from the Miami Herald Neighbors first. After the City of Miami Beach installed a piece of public art in the “wrong” location, the disgruntled artist sniffed, “[i]f the public art project was for a dog park I would not have considered the invitation.”

SDM Wonders: Did you cash the city’s check you pompous ass?

Easy SDM, this is serious stuff. As the Herald tells us, pissy artists can be a threat to the public weal. Apparently, our beloved federal government passed the Visual Artists Rights Act that “protects visual artists against distortion or destruction of their work.”

We must all send our members of Congress a letter thanking them for this critical protection. Now the City of Miami Beach may be liable to the ass…er…artist if it violated his right (SDM’s not kidding, this is the word used in the statute):

(A) to prevent any intentional distortion, mutilation, or other modification of that work which would be prejudicial to his or her honor or reputation, and any intentional distortion, mutilation, or modification of that work is a violation of that right, and

(B) to prevent any destruction of a work of recognized stature, and any intentional or grossly negligent destruction of that work is a violation of that right. 17 USC § 106A(a)(3)

Maybe Congress should take more days off.

SDM Says: The Art in Public Places Program is a morass, as are many other well-intentioned programs that try to separate the general public from its tax money. Put the money in an escrow account and ask the county for flexibility to use it for a worthy purpose, measured head-to-head against all the village’s other needs.

Dubois Says: No more shade, let the sunshine in!

Also on the agenda tomorrow are three motions by Vice Mayor Dubois that are sure to be voted down by the Amigas. Essentially, Dubois is demanding that the village release the transcripts of prior shade sessions and never hold another such session.

All SDM can say is good luck buddy. This council has a penchant for secrecy and misdirection, which SDM has bitched about for our entire existence. We know Mr. Fiore will be with you and that Mrs. Stanczyk and Ms.  Lindsay will vote to hide the truth, which leaves…(drumroll)…the Marathon Man, Tim Schaffer as the swing vote.

SDM Says: Stop covering for your predecessors Mr. Schaffer. The village people need to get past all of the who shot John.

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