PB Bonus: Gary Pastorella Should Be Banned from Council Meetings

by SDM

Decorum in Palmetto Bay? Not for GP

In a despicable personal attack on Palmetto Bay’s Vice Mayor, resident Gary Pastorella slurred the following (2:50:34):

I think this has to do…this is bought and paid for…this is special interest at its best, when you spend over a hundred thousand dollars on a campaign to be elected Vice Mayor, this is the end result. This is to get the neighborhood propection…protection provision overturned in such a way that special interests of Palmetto Bay can come forward…we have Palmer Trinity sitting in..in..in the here, right now…umm, we have Palmer Trinity having spent thousands upon thousands of dollars in John Dubois’s campaign…and I go back to the concern that I had several months ago in that John, Mr. Dubois and his lawsuits against the residents of Palmetto Bay – I being one – and the question at issue in his legal action against me and others was his state of mind…and I claim today as I did then that I question, and it’s my opinion that the state of mind of John Dubois is in question. He stated in a sworn affidavit that he suffers mental and emotional pain and suffering and as such, my concern is that and..is…that…one indicator of that someone, someone is suffers from mental health is that they begin to have a slovenly appearance and as such I say that Mr. Dubois’s slovenly appearance may be as a result of his mental illness.

Aside: SDM’s first reaction to Pastorella’s statement is, now we understand why Mr. Dubois is suing you!

Despite immediate reactions from the audience to an obvious violation of the sometimes-applied decorum statement, Mayor Shelley Stanczyk failed even to chastise Pastorella for attacking her colleague. But that wasn’t the only attack. Another resident appeared to be calling the Vice Mayor a fascist and went directly at both the Vice Mayor and Councilman Fiore. Absolutely outrageous.

SDM Says: The decorum statement that allegedly governs in Palmetto Bay is bad joke, just like the Mayor who is tasked with enforcing it.

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