PB: Rethinking Shade Session Release and Some Other Stuff

by SDM

Are the shade session documents ready for public review?

The Village of Palmetto Bay announced an attorney-client session for August 7th. The purpose of the meeting is as follows:

The Village of Palmetto Bay shall be holding a Special Council meeting on Wednesday, August 7, 2013 at 6:30 pm, at Village Hall, 9705 E. Hibiscus Street. The purpose of this meeting shall be to announce an Attorney Client Session, as noticed below, and to hear an “Other Business” item, as follows:  Release all shade session transcripts for all cases that are currently active (sponsored by Vice Mayor John DuBois.) Emphasis added by SDM.

SDM Wonders: Is the attorney client session separate from the discussion of the “other business” item? Or, is the village council going to hold a public hearing to determine whether the village will release all the other transcripts the Mayor has hidden in her desk?

SDM Also Wonders: Is there a real settlement on the horizon that will finally terminate the seemingly endless litigation with Palmer Trinity?

The Miller Brothers Strike Again

Grant Miller, publisher of the Palmetto Bay News, blistered Mayor Stanczyk once again. Read the editorial here. Here’s a morsel to chew on:

It sure would be nice for the residents to see some actual positive communication for the mayor and her supporters, some kind words for each other instead of salutes with only the middle finger. Residents deserve progress on important issues such as a recovery of the lost fire station at the USDA land; upgrade to the village code; acts and civility that lead to an improved property tax base, and an end to the very public discontent between and amongst the public and council members.

Palmetto Bay residents deserve better.

SDM Says: Palmetto Bay voters need to spend some time watching and digesting the government they elected. When you have the husband (Jerry Templer) of a sitting council member (Joan Lindsay) flipping the bird to the village council, it’s time for a change.

South Dade Congressman Joe Garcia Doesn’t Even Live In The District

Joe Garcia who fired two staffers for allegedly committing ballot fraud is now facing a new allegation. Apparently, Mr. Garcia committed to moving into his congressional district after he was elected. The Miami Herald reported last week that Mr. Garcia has yet to move into his district:

It has been almost a year since Joe Garcia told The Miami Herald’s editorial board that he’d move into the new Key West-to-Miami-Dade Congressional District 26 if he won.

Garcia won. But he hasn’t yet moved. His office said the freshman Democrat is in the process of getting a place.

SDM Says: Frankly, Mr. Garcia ought to save his money and continue living outside the district. That way, when South Dade elects a real local candidate, Mr. Garcia will avoid the expense of moving his household.

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