PB: Fiore Goes Off The Reservation

by SDM

Updated – read to the very end to see a portion of David Singer’s comment. The full comment follows the post.

SDM tuned-in to the village council meeting in greedy anticipation. Finally, we thought, those annoying and questionable redacted portions of the Palmer transcripts would be released and Palmetto Bay’s worst kept secrets would be revealed to all the rest of us.

After appeals by Mayor Stanczyk and Councilwoman Lindsay to maintain their own personal star chamber, a vote was called on a motion to release only the transcripts related to Palmer’s multiple lawsuits and only after the council ratifies a settlement – if ever.

SDM waited in breathless anticipation as Councilman Patrick Fiore – that rock of opposition, that star in the making – roused the crowd with a stirring speech. He restated for the millionth time that he was against continuing the lawsuit from his first days on the council. He confronted the Mayor for permitting ugly finger-pointing (literally) in the chamber after the last meeting. Wow, what a speech.

At this point, the entire SDM team sat transfixed. Surely, this vote is in the bag!

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But, nooooooooo! It was as if the immortal Jim Belushi climbed from his grave to wail at all of us fools in Palmetto Bay.

Palmetto Bay’s self-proclaimed rock star voted….to keep the transcripts secret. Yes, you read that correctly: Councilman Patrick Fiore voted with Mayor Shelley Stanczyk and Councilwoman Joan Lindsay to lower the curtain of shade once again.

SDM Wonders: What the hell is under those black lines and in those redacted pages that would make Councilman Fiore switch hit? 

As the stunned audience digested what they just witnessed, SDM imagined CCOCI’s leadership toasting in the aisles, probably from the flask one of them apparently keeps in his pocket.

After the vote, an obviously relieved and joyful Jerry Templer rushed the stage to offer Fiore the same hand in congratulations that he tendered just a few short weeks ago in a single-finger salute.

As SDM watched, dumbfounded all around, in a “classy” move that signaled his acceptance into the Order of the Three Amigos, Councilman Fiore told Councilwoman Lindsay’s husband “get away from me.”

SDM Says: No matter how long we watch politics, something can always surprise us – even political miscalculations, which in Palmetto Bay are more common than a Stanczyk malaprop. Sadly, for those who seek a responsible village government, last night was a big setback, which really should be no surprise at all.

Updated (11:53 a.m. 8/8/13)

The following is a portion of a comment from David Singer along with SDM’s reply:

I think that everyone can agree that Patrick Fiore made an error in his vote last night. I’ve spoken with him this morning, and I feel he either misunderstood an explanation from the Village Attorney or the Village Attorney did not answer the question properly. I need to review the commission tapes when they are available to find out which it is.

SDM’s Reply:

If Fiore “misunderstood” then he needs to correct his error at the next council meeting. He can move to reconsider since he was on the prevailing side and then vote to pass the item. Doing so would be called putting your money where your mouth is. Failing to do so should be considered politics as usual in Palmetto Bay. Which will it be?

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