PB: Decorum, Finally

by SDM

As one SDM commenter noted, SDM missed the very last part of the September 9 Palmetto Bay council meeting. The commenter was correct that we were “getting our beauty sleep” but we were doing so inadvertently. SDM watched the public hearing on Palmer and also watched the Mayor stand up and declare the meeting adjourned.

Apparently, the term “adjourned” means something else under Shelley’s Rules of Order. SDM researched the SRO and found the following definition:

Adjourned – When a Mayor, frustrated after losing a vote, gets up from her seat and stomps off the dais, the meeting is temporarily suspended while the village manager chases her down and lures her back with promises of cucumber sandwiches and sponge cake. Shelley’s Rules of Order, 2013.

What SDM missed was that the meeting reconvened at the 5:18:02 mark. The final phase of the meeting clearly was meant to be a continuation of the chaos because nobody seemed to know exactly what was left on the agenda.

After some cross talk, the clerk told the council that they had to hear “Requests, Petitions and Public Comment.” Up stepped Gary Patorella, President of CCOCI who said “I am ashamed, absolutely ashamed of the three of you. John Dubois…”

Pastorella’s tirade was interrupted by Councilman Fiore who moved to cut off the speaker, ostensibly for violating, again (see PB Bonus: Gary Pastorella Should Be Banned from Council Meetings) the Palmetto Bay decorum statement:

Any person making impertinent or slanderous remarks or who becomes boisterous while addressing the Village of Palmetto Bay Council shall be barred from further audience at this meeting before the Village of Palmetto Bay Council by the presiding officer, unless permission to continue or again address the council be granted by the majority vote of the council members.

Fiore’s motion was seconded by Vice Mayor Dubois, but instead of calling for a vote, Pastorella’s puppet-Mayor Stanczyk searched in vain for her brain…er…sidekick, Councilwoman Lindsay who had stepped off the dais temporarily. After an agonizing pause, Stanczyk had no choice but to call the question, which passed three to one (Stanczyk opposing).

SDM thought: Did SDM just witness an act of enforcing the decorum statement against the village’s number one offender? (Here at SDM, we have long conversations with ourselves.) We will have to wait and see. If the council permits Mr. Pastorella to “again address the council” he will have to do so upon a “majority vote of the council members.”

SDM Says: It’s about time the council stood up to Pastorella’s bullying, personal attacks. Bravo to Vice Mayor Dubois and Councilmen Fiore and Schaffer for enforcing dignified behavior. Mrs. Stanczyk should be ashamed of herself for failing to protect the community.

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