PB: Palmer Dispute Fun Fact

by SDM

Did you know that Palmetto Senior High School sits on a 23 acre campus and serves right around 3,000 students? That works out to about 131 students per acre.

Compare Palmetto with Palmer Trinity. After Palmer’s expansion is completed, Palmer’s campus will be 50+ acres (their current campus is 20+ acres according to the Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser) and will serve 1,150 students. ¬†Palmer’s student density is a measly¬†23 students per acre!

This is what everyone is so worked up about?

SDM Wonders: What more must Palmer do to satisfy CCOCI when their student density is 20% of the nearest comparable public school? Not to mention that only about half of Palmer’s students are enrolled in the high school. What kind of a community allows a tiny micro-minority to behave as if a modest school expansion is somehow a blight on our community?

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