PB: Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

by SDM

During last week’s budget fiasco, the village council took time out to review the plan for development of the Franjo Triangle area surrounding city hall.

One theme driving the redevelopment plan is the notion that the village must add to its commercial tax base to grow village revenues. The thinking goes that if our commercial area grows, then we can keep tax rates low in the residential areas. Plus, we can see job growth and development of new shopping, entertainment and dining opportunities.

SDM and others are skeptical about whether the village council can get its act together and execute a redevelopment plan. Some neighbors are already objecting to the downtown plan because of the proposed density. This despite over a decade of focus on this area and after the last council down-zoned much of the area.

Tonight, the village council will get an opportunity to send a signal to investors who might be considering Palmetto Bay as a place to deploy their capital.

South Motors is proposing a major redevelopment of their BMW/Mini Cooper showroom. The owners have offered to create a four-acre park in exchange for a reorganized and modernized dealership. SDM has seen the artist’s renderings and they are impressive.

SDM has also read the staff analysis drafted for the project and can find nothing objectionable about it.

SDM Says: This new dealership will increase the value of the property without question. Palmetto Bay will benefit from new taxes and maybe some new jobs. The facility will look better and improve the area’s curb appeal. Let’s ask our council to quickly approve the project and show the world that Palmetto Bay wants businesses to invest here.

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