PB: What’s Up With Fiore?

by SDM

SDM caught most of the initial public hearing on the South Motors expansion project last night. The Council voted to amend the master plan and change the zoning, both on 4:1 votes. Guess who voted no twice?

Correct, Councilman Patrick Fiore. What?

Mr. Economic Development has now converted to Mr. NIMBY. SDM is joining a growing chorus of Village People who are asking this question: What’s up with this guy?

One possibility is that Mr. Fiore really hates car dealerships. Another is that he’s got a problem with South Motors, which clearly has not been the best of neighbors over the years.

However, SDM tends to agree with those who see Mr. Fiore as merely a cynical politician posturing himself for a mayoral run. Say it ain’t so, Patrick! Some of us mistook you for a principled politician.

SDM Says: If you think you can beat the current mayor by playing her game, you are in for a rude awakening.

SDM wants to give credit to the “Rational Four” – at least they were rational last night. Instead of pandering, Mayor Shelley Stanczyk, Vice Mayor John Dubois, Councilwoman Joan Lindsay and Councilman Tim Schaffer supported South Motors while holding their feet to the fire.

The four of you deserve credit for being fair and for sending a message to the investor community that when a property owner works hard and does his or her best to satisfy the community (writ large), then Palmetto Bay’s government will help your business succeed.

You sent a message that you understand that by helping a business improve itself, our village benefits from an increase in tax revenue and an improved appearance, including the bonus of a neighborhood park.

SDM Wonders: Will Patrick Fiore’s ambitions turn his once admirable voting record into a mystifying mushy muddle?

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