PB: David Singer Sends Mayor Stanczyk a Letter

by SDM

A open letter to the Mayor,

Forget about not following Roberts Rules of Order. Forget about setting up fake websites to your defame and discredit your political rivals. Forget about having ethic charges filed against you. Forget about storming out of council meetings because you didn’t get your way. Forget about constantly reinventing the truth. Forget about going down in history as the worst Mayor that will ever serve the Village of Palmetto Bay, if not South Florida. Madam Mayor, your behavior at last Tuesday night’s council meeting has outdone all of your past transgressions.

Madam Mayor when you are in a position of power and you expect respect you need to give it to those around you. Even those with whom you disagree. You apparently missed that lesson.

Shaking constituents hands does not make you a good Mayor.

The way you disrespectfully berated and demeaned, from the dais, two individuals who happen to be on the Board of Directors for Palmer and are residents of Palmetto Bay was unwarranted and an embarrassment to the audience, Council members and Village Staff who were in attendance. Not to mention the disrespect it shows to your Mayoral position.

The residents who were sitting near me were cringing in discomfort as you made your unfounded accusations and acted more like a prosecutor grilling a murder suspect than an honorable Mayor.

You were manipulative when you discussed the Attorney General’s opinion regarding the release of the Shade Sessions. Once again you misstated facts to advance your personal agenda.

You are, in fact, unfit to serve one more day as Mayor of the Village of Palmetto Bay. You owe the entire Village, Staff and Council members an apology for your behavior. It’s time for you to realize that you serve at the pleasure of the residents of The Village of Palmetto Bay and not for your own personal goals.

I respect the fact that Tim Schaffer immediately disassociated himself with your actions, comments and behavior. He has only been a Council Member for six months and has learned more about treating his constituents with respect than you have in the past seven years.

I would recommend anyone who is going to vote in next year’s election to watch the Mayor Shelley Stanczyk’s behavior at Tuesday’s Council meeting. The link is here fast forward to: 1:57: 20 and watch for the next five minutes.

David Singer

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