Joe Garcia: “We have exonerated ourselves!”

by SDM

In a surprising turn of events, Congressman Joe Garcia released a statement published yesterday claiming that, after a thorough investigation by one of his campaign contributors, he is sure none of his current staff members “was aware of” an attempt to steal the 2012 election by means of an absentee ballot scam.

Phew, thank goodness that controversy is over!

SDM is shocked and greatly relieved that none of Mr. Garcia’s staffers admitted to having knowledge or participating in a lowly and illegal act that the Miami Herald describes this way:

Jeffrey Garcia, [Congressman Joe Garcia’s] longtime political strategist, stepped down hours after police and prosecutors from State Attorney Katherine Fernández Rundle’s office raided the homes of [Giancarlo] Sopo’s cousin and the family of John Estes, the congressman’s campaign manager, as part of the ongoing investigation into the ballot requests.

Though prosecutors had initially concluded foreign Internet Protocol addresses masked the origin of the requests, the Herald found earlier this year that hundreds of them could be further traced to Miami. Florida elections law prohibits online requests to be filed by anyone other than voters or their immediate family.

The Herald revealed in September that federal authorities are also investigating Jeffrey Garcia’s ties to a bogus Tea Party candidate’s secretly funded mail campaign. A political consultant has said Jeffrey Garcia was behind fliers for Roly Arrojo, who attacked Joe Garcia’s 2010 congressional rival, Republican David Rivera. Joe Garcia has denied any knowledge or participation.

Garcia said in his statement Monday that he does not plan to launch his own probe into that case because none of his current staff worked on his 2010 campaign.

Congressman Garcia must believe Miami-Dade voters to be either morons or fools or perhaps both. One of your campaign contributors interviews your staff about whether they violated the law and they all deny it. So, therefore, none of them knew anything about it?

SDM Says: We’ll wait for the authorities to tell us who knew what, when, thank you very much.

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