PB: Odds and Ends

by SDM

The Village Council agenda is posted on the Palmetto Bay website. You can look through the agenda and the attachments by clicking here. (Remember: Once the meeting is over, these documents will be secreted away by the clerk never to be seen again, so you may want to save a copy of something that interests you.)

PB Leaders Discriminate Against Apartments and Condos?

One item on the village agenda next Monday night is to exempt singe-family remodeling and construction from the Art in Public Places tax. Bravo. Lowering taxes on residences should be on every council member’s agenda.

But why stop there? Why should the village raise the cost of condominiums and apartments by keeping the tax in place for those types of residences? Does this village just help wealthy single-family homeowners or do we care about regular folks, too?

Didn’t we just go through a long presentation and rigamarole on developing the Franjo Triangle where we want to see live-work spaces and other types of mixed-use development? Didn’t we all agree that this plan deserves continued focus and that we want to attract investment so that down the road we may see higher property tax collections?

Yes, we did. So why should we tax the heck out of multi-family remodeling and construction? Do we really need more flying fish monuments?

SDM Says: Please, someone: Talk some business sense into this council.

Pet Shop Boy

Vice Mayor John Dubois added a discussion item to the village agenda that proposes outlawing retail stores that sell dogs and cats as pets.

Now, SDM is sympathetic to this ham-handed idea. Our community is overrun with unwanted dogs and cats, so much so that the county is spending millions to construct and operate a humane shelter. You have to live under a rock not to have seen the emotional controversy over this subject.

But is this what we do in America? Presume that every pet store selling dogs and cats will be operated improperly? And what about the weekend sales of homeless dogs and cats (yes, you pay to adopt a dog at Petsmart on Saturdays)? Will this law create a situation where we outlaw pet adoptions?

SDM Says: We never expected Mr. Dubois to drop his alleged conservatism so quickly.

Tidbits from Village Attorney’s Report

  • Has Palmetto Bay outlawed door-to-door solicitation for politicians? Last month the council adopted an ordinance that prohibits peddling of goods and services door-to-door. Isn’t serving as SDM’s representative on the village council a service? Please tell SDM we can call the cops on political peddlers!
  • What’s with the ethics meetings? Ms. Boutsis reports twice that she has met with various ethics bodies, including the Florida Commission on Ethics. She also reports communications with Joe Centorino and Mr. Larry Liebowitz of the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust. Who’s being investigated now? Inquiring minds want to know.
  • Is FPL building houses in Palmetto Bay? The village attorney notes that she met with representatives from FPL on a possible “replatting and comprehensive plan amendment” for their property bordering Biscayne Bay. How very interesting…
  • Have we heard the last from the shade sessions controversy? Apparently, Ms. Boutsis will be asking the council for additional guidance on when the shade sessions are to be released. Wouldn’t it be easier just to release the hounds?

Bonus Bullet: Joe Garcia calls his colleagues terrorists

Apparently, South Dade’s most embarrassing Member of Congress wasn’t satisfied with getting himself crosswise with local police authorities for his absentee ballot scam. Now, this liberal “star” has decided to further embarrass his constituents by slandering his fellow members.

The Miami Herald reported this little piece of garbage on Tuesday:

Miami Congressman Joe Garcia riled conservatives Tuesday by taking to the U.S. House floor and blaming a partial shutdown of the federal government on “this extremist element, this Taliban.”

SDM Wonders: Does Joe Garcia know who the Taliban are?

Here is a famous photo showing what the Taliban are capable of doing. The woman in the picture was executed in a stadium after she was accused of adultery.


SDM Says: Maybe Congressman Garcia should get out of his office and visit some of the brave members of our military who have battled the Taliban before he starts throwing around such foolish and ignorant comparisons.



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