PB: Franjo Work Begins – Has Ground Work Been Laid?

by SDM

The village manager is forging ahead with background work for the Franjo Triangle redevelopment. First up will be a $39,725 traffic study performed by a firm called Marlin Engineering. Marlin will be looking at the effects of the following proposed changes to the traffic patterns in the triangle:

Road closures:
SW 175th Terrace, between NB US-1 to Perrine Avenue
SW 98th Avenue Road between Hibiscus Street and Indigo Street
Indigo Street, west of NB lanes of US-1
Wayne Ave west of NB lanes of US-1
SW 181st Street, east of SW 97th Avenue
SW 182nd Street, east and west of 97th Avenue
SW 183rd Street, east and west of 97th Avenue

Proposed traffic circles at the intersections of:
SW 174th Street and SW 97th Avenue
SW 181st Terrace and SW 97th Avenue
E. Hibiscus Street and SW 97th Avenue
SW 184th Street and SW 97th Avenue

According to the the item on the agenda (page 75), some of the road changes might look like this (SDM flipped the image so North is at the top):


What you are seeing is Miami Children’s hospital in the lower left hand corner.  As Franjo crosses US 1, a large circle seems to be created, retaining the historic chamber building but knocking down the Perrine Cutler Press building. (SDM Wonders: Did anyone speak to these folks yet?) There is a lot of vacant land in this area, so the entrance features seem to fit.

Marlin Engineering will also be reviewing a traffic circle at SW 184th Street and Franjo (SW 97th Ave). This intersection is shared with Cutler Bay so SDM would be curious to know if our neighboring city is on board with a traffic circle there. This is an especially good question since the Mayor of Cutler Bay owns property at that intersection!

SDM Says: The plans for changes to Palmetto Bay’s downtown look very interesting to SDM’s eye. We hope our village leaders have contacted the affected property owners to make sure they are all supporting this plan before we spend almost $40,000 on a traffic study, paid for by the way from the “Street Sign Bond” fund.


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