PB: David Zisman, Really?

by SDM

An FOSDM sent us a copy of an email David Zisman circulated over the weekend announcing his campaign for the Palmetto Bay Council. For those of you who’ve never heard of Mr. Zisman, SDM feels the need to enlighten you on some of his history.

Mr. Behind-The-Scenes

You may not know this fact, but Mr. Zisman is part of a group of the Village People who decide who runs for office and who doesn’t. And you thought voters made these decisions? Not in Mr. Zisman’s world.

SDM posted on this subject in a blog back in November after the village primary (see PB: How To Lose An Election). Mr. Zisman made this hubristic comment:

Thank you SDM for coming to the correct analysis of who to support in the runoff. There should not even have been a runoff except for the efforts of our not so endearing X Mayor. His two candidates went down in a blaze. Howard had already decided not to run back in August when our X Mayor convinced him he would win outright. As for Karyn, she seems nice enough but the lingering distaste for the X Mayor lives on long after his stunning defeat against Lynda Bell. Karyn, next time you run for something, stay far away from Gene Flinn. I can only imagine the support that he promised you and I assume he delivered you nothing.

So Gene Flinn will cost Palmetto Bay about $50,000 for the runoff election that “Never Should Have Been.” Well that’s still cheaper then having him in office.

The back story here is that Mr. Zisman and his cabal had essentially talked (threatened?) former Councilman Tendrich out of running for re-election so that Zisman’s guy would have a chance to finally win a seat. In the end, both Tendrich and Zisman’s guy lost, but the village ended up a winner because Tim “Marathon Man” Schaffer was elected and has been a positive force on the council.

So much for Mr. Zisman’t puppeteer abilities.

Mr. Impolite Makes a Silly Mayor Look Good

SDM reported back in October, 2012 during a hearing on the infamous Stanczyk NPO ordinance that Mr. Zisman’s impolite and hostile public comments made Mayor Stanczyk look good by comparison:

Perhaps the Mayor’s distractedness can be explained by the unusual and outrageous broadsides leveled at her by a Mr. Zisman of Recall Palmetto Bay fame. Zisman got up and instead of commenting on the ordinance on the table spent his three minutes blasting the Mayor over the location of her shed, which he claims is illegal.

The shed ordinance is another bad piece of legislation passed by a council that spends far too much time thinking up new ways to interfere with residents’ lives. The fact that the Mayor got caught up in the shed ordinance thicket makes her just like hundreds of other similarly situated Village People.

After seeing how Mr. Zisman treated the hapless Mayor, SDM can’t imagine him on a dais, regularly raging against his other imagined enemies. One has to observe a level of public discourse that honors the forum and Mr. Zisman’s history argues against his ability to do so.

Mr. Absentee Commission Member

SDM went back and reviewed our notes on Mr. Zisman’s actions during his tenure on the village’s Charter Revision Commission.

While in some instances, especially regarding the NPO charter amendment, Zisman stood up to the onslaught from the Three Amigos’ appointees, on other issues he faded into the woodwork.

One example is his silence on, if not support of, a charter amendment that now requires a four-fifth’s vote of the council to permit a zoning change. Such a procedure places an unfair burden on the very same many small businesses the village wants to attract in the Franjo Triangle and elsewhere. Yet, SDM can’t find a single instance in the charter commission minutes where Zisman – a business owner – makes this case.

SDM Says: Mr. Zisman has every right to run for office and we will wait to see his platform before rendering a final judgment. However, one cannot look at the available parts of his record and his pattern of behavior without wondering whether he has displayed sufficient leadership skills or the requisite temperament of a council member for our wonderful little burgh. SDM hopes some other Village People come forward and give us a good alternative.

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