PB: Houston, we have a problem!

by SDM

SDM planned on reviewing both the zoning meeting held on December 16 and the Committee of the Whole meeting held last night (December 18). But, Kaptain Kreepy spilled his coffee on the video equipment and the COW meeting wasn’t streamed online last night and isn’t available for viewing! (OK, just kidding, SDM doesn’t know what KK did or did not do to the equipment.)

This situation really stinks because the village council was finally planning on discussing the plan for downtown Palmetto Bay,  a.k.a. the Franjo Triangle. Considering that the plan is somewhat controversial, SDM is convinced Kaptain Kreepy was involved in some nefarious way. (OK, we have no evidence that he was involved in a nefarious or non-nefarious way.)

So, does anyone know what happened last night?

Did the presentation make sense for the community?


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