PB: Does “quality of life” include life itself?

by SDM

SDM can be cynical with the best of them, but reading the Miami Herald Neighbors over the weekend caused even our jaded world view to sharpen.

The Herald story discussed the location of two new fire stations to serve Northeastern Palmetto Bay/Southeastern Pinecrest and another for Southeastern Palmetto Bay. Mayor Shelley Stanczyk seems to have adopted a more enlightened position on locating these facilities. According to the Herald, Mayor Stanczyk “supports the initiative to open more fire stations in the village” noting that “if all units are out from both stations, you have to wait[which is] where the long response time comes from.”

Probably the best location for a new station serving the northeastern portion would be the USDA property at SW 136th Street. Apparently, the feds are willing to part with a couple acres to help the community. The problem? A tiny group of loud Gables residents claim that locating a station on the USDA property would “impact the neighborhood’s quality of life as well as the environmental ecology of the land.”

Impact the quality of life? Surely, locating a fire station nearer your home would positively impact the quality of one’s life. Just ask Esther Copeland who attended a public hearing on the fire station issue. She told the Herald that her husband died of a heart attack back in March. Fire rescue did not arrive to her home until 14 minutes passed. SDM sends along our deepest sympathies. We can’t imagine how long that 14 minutes must have felt.

SDM Says: Mayor Stanczyk needs to lead the community to a constructive, near-term solution to resolve the fire station question. This is what a mayor does, so please get on with it.


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