PB: Whither Streaming?

by SDM

In mid-December, Palmetto Bay’s video streaming capability crashed and burned. SDM postulated that Kaptain Kreepy engineered the destruction so as to keep those of us overly obsessed with village government in the dark, especially regarding the Franjo Triangle plan.

Eleven days later – an eternity in the online world – the village’s live streaming remains defunct according to the village website. What could have happened to so completely destroy what one would imagine is a fairly rudimentary capability? SDM speculates:

  • After a particularly aggressive night of beer pong, CCOCI’s titular leader spilled a 24 oz. Hole in the Wall cup full of Guinness into the village’s live streaming computer.
  • Kaptain Kreepy installed a soft lens filtering system incorrectly, which short circuited the camera system.
  • One of Marathon Man’s stray dogs relieved himself on the very same electrical outlet that powered the remote video controller.
  • Jerry the Finger brawled with an unnamed bystander who flung him bodily into the computer booth.

Even given these terrifying events, shouldn’t we expect our crack public flacks headed by the well-compensated KK to have repaired the system by now? Or, is the plan to keep the village off-line, thereby forcing viewers to “tune-in” and watch WBAY TV and its coerced “advertisers”?

SDM Says: Our New Year’s wish is for the village to get back online so we can monitor the council on our own schedule, rather than waiting for Kaptain Kreepy to grant us access.

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