PB: New WBAY Slogan: Temporarily Unavailable

by SDM

So maybe you are thinking you will watch Monday’s village council meeting at your convenience, from your home or office computer? Well, as of today (January 3, 2014) you won’t have that option. Directly from the village website:

Government Access TV Airs on WBAY 77/99

WBAY STREAMS 24/7 — The Village is proud to announce that WBAY’s 24/7 television broadcast streams live. Residents may now enjoy great WBAY content from their televisions and from their computers. TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

STREAMING VIDEO — Can’t join us in Chambers for a Palmetto Bay public meeting? Tune in live coverage via our Gov’t Access TV Station, WBAY on Comcast Channel-77 and ATT Uverse-99. Also enjoy home-grown videos, meeting announcements, and general info — a free public service brought to you by local cable service providers and your Village. TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

The word “temporary” implies an end date. Will Palmetto Bay’s crack communications staff get the video streaming back online anytime soon or at least update the website with an estimated time for repairs to be completed? Inquiring minds want to know.

SDM Wonders: What exactly is the problem anyway? Video streaming seems like a pretty simple technology given that most of the local governments nearby stream to their hearts’ content. What is it about Palmetto Bay that makes our government so dysfunctional? Is the village intentionally going dark to keep us in the dark as well?

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