Daniella Levine Cava – P.P.P.P.P.

by SDM

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance is an ancient maxim often cited after one fails to plan properly and faces the fallout from a poorly planned decision.

SDM read in the Miami Herald that Commissioner Lynda Bell will soon find herself head-t0-head with a Democratic party candidate:

Daniella Levine Cava opened a fundraising account Friday and plans to kick off her campaign Tuesday. Levine Cava is the founder and former head of the social services agency Catalyst Miami, formerly known as the Human Services Coalition.

Behind Levine Cava’s campaign is a concerted effort by liberal progressives in Miami-Dade to challenge the conservative Bell, a one-term commissioner whom they view as vulnerable. While the commission race in nonpartisan, Bell is a registered Republican and Levine Cava is a Democrat.

Levine Cava’s run against Bell has the backing of the Democratic Party’s organization, with Christian Ulvert, the state party’s political director, serving as her chief strategist. The Miami-Dade Democratic Party, which didn’t even run a candidate in the past two mayoral elections, has been stepping up its involvement in county politics.

Funny thing about Levine Cava’s ties to the Democratic Party is that the county commission is a non-partisan office and the parties are not supposed to be involved in these races. Ms. Bell certainly used her ties to the Republicans in her last campaign so maybe Levine Cava figures what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

What’s abundantly clear about Ms. Levine Cava’s entry into the commission race is that she has been carefully planning her campaign. One example, Ms. Levine Cava purchased her Palmetto Bay home ($1 million+) in November, 2012. A commission candidate must be a resident of the district for six months before the qualifying date. In this case, a candidate would need to move into the district no later than December 3, 2012.

A second little factoid in the Miami Herald article that indicates prior planning is that Ms. Levine Cava quit her day job at the end of 2012, which will allow her to run for office full time. The article doesn’t say if she will resume her previous career after the election. Neither does it say whether her previous employer receives county funding, but perhaps we will learn more from the campaign trail.

The final indicator of prior planning is that newly elected Homestead Mayor Jeff Porter, who received lots of help from the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, appears to have signed on to the Levine Cava campaign bandwagon.

SDM Wonders: Did Levine Cava play a role in defeating Commissioner Bell’s husband in the recent Homestead election? Is Porter’s support payback to Levine Cava, to the Democtats, or both?

SDM Says: On the one hand, we should all be relieved that Commissioner Bell is facing a tough re-election campaign. She’s not a favorite of this blog and is in way over her head. But will the price for getting rid of Bell be too high? Does the county need – or can it stand, really – a tax and spend liberal Democrat back on the commission? Seems to us that the door may be open for a visible third option to rise up. Are you listening Mayor MacDougall?

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